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'I'm watching my future former director going nuts': Boss has dawning realization at employee's imminent departure

It's amazing how ego-fueled denial can make an employer wait until the last moments of your notice period before attempting to reassign your tasks and replace you. It's probably not surprising, though, given that this exact attitude and lack of care are probably what made you want to leave your job in the first place. Still, this happens time and time again—as evidenced by the sheer number of stories posted about it online. You might even have some stories and experiences of your own of dealing…
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'We knew he was full of it': Lying one-upping coworker gets caught out in a lie that they can't live down

As human beings, we all develop interesting ticks and facets of our personalities that can manifest into very strange behavior. Often our desire to feel “good” and avoidance of feeling “bad” can cause us to make a series of consecutive decisions that see us walking too far down a particular path and becoming something we might never have anticipated. Take "Disney Adults" or any fandom as a prime example of this. You get exposed to something at some point in your life, say, Disney media and it m…
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'I don't work Mondays': Server gets fired for missing "mandatory" Memorial Day shift while on scheduled vacation

One of the worst parts about working in the service industry or retail is “blackout” dates—where no one is able to take days off—these always line up with precisely the days you'd want to take off. Holidays, long weekends, and anytime between Christmas and New Years—pretty much any time you might want to see family or friends (who are all off work.) These have all been deemed as days where all hands are needed on deck due to high volumes of trade. But the worst part about blackout dates?.. Hypo…
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'Where are you?': Worker quits, boss schedules them anyways and accuses them of 'no showing'

When you give notice to your job, it's usually done to let your workplace know that you intend not to show up anymore—like that's the whole point. You're not saying, “Oh, yeah, feel free to keep me on the roster when it's convenient for you.” You're saying, “I'm leaving now, and I intend never to return. Good riddance to the lot of you.” Like ending any relationship, there's a chance that either party may not cope so well with the sudden change. Still, when it's your ego-maniac boss having a de…
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'I got sent home early': Boss complains about overtime after forcing employees to skip their unpaid lunch break

Some people want to have their cake and eat it too. But it's really not so much about the cake itself as it is the control over that cake; they want the cake to submit to their authority and stop questioning it all the darn time. The thing is, this cake-haver probably isn't qualified to tell the cake what to do, which is why they're so darn insecure in the first place… I don't really know where this is going or what this metaphor is supposed to mean, but people aren't cake—and you shouldn't try…
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'My manager collected donations for me but kept it all': Boss collects donations from coworkers under the guise of helping with a personal tragedy, dips with all the money

If we're taking bets for the worst thing a boss has ever done, my money is on this; using someone else's tragedy for your own gain is a specific type of evil with no moral restitution. Somewhere in a locked room, this boss has a portrait of himself with a curled, deformed hand and demonic visage. This heartbreaking workplace story was shared on Reddit't r/antiwork subreddit, with the original poster sharing how her former boss had scammed her coworkers into giving him money, which was supposed…
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'You all agreed to and signed off on [it]': Project Manager fends off moving goalpost trap with superior paper trail and process

Dealing with changing expectations from your boss or colleagues requires a strategic approach; after all, having all your t's crossed and i's dotted ensures that you have covered yourself when things inevitably hit the fan and they go looking for someone to blame, aiming to hang their own failure's of leadership on the neck of an unprepared scapegoat. Despite all of this, Hanlon's Razor still shines through; it's not as if these people are necessarily aware of what they're doing, and it's not a…
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'They tried to write me up': Boss reprimands worker for being twenty-two seconds late, worker phones boss every time they leave home

Living in a world that isn't black or white makes things better for everyone, especially regarding the enforcement of minor infringements. Inflexible policy enforcement begets inflexibility—ask, and you shall receive. If you're going to nitpick the strict enforcement of rules, be ready for a staunch defense using the same reasoning. While punctuality is always a good skill to have in the workplace—being one of the classic ways of showing that you respect other people and their time—it's safe to…
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'Ok, Karen, she's fired. Happy now?': Karen demands girl gets fired from a place she doesn't work

Getting fired from a job where you didn't work is a bit like losing a race you weren't entered into in the first place; it's really hard to be upset about it when you didn't even know you had something at stake. This customer shared their story of witnessing another fellow customer ending up on the wrong end of a stray Karen's fury when they visited a “Wall of Marts” during a trip to the United States. They share their surprise at realizing that the people they had read about in “People of Wall…
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'We were now operating on a shoe-string budget so the manager got as much money as they could': Extreme cost saving measure causes costly pricing error

At a certain point, cutting costs to extreme measures will just cost you more in the long run or cause your entire business to fold under its own weight—or both… simultaneously. The short-sighted pursuit of profit is a trap that businesses often fall into—and why not? It's an easy methodology to follow that makes sense and follows logical reasoning: Spend less, earn more. The issue is that you have to spend money to earn money, and not investing in proper resources can cost you more when you ne…
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'She got fed up': Manager regrets demanding that retail cashier ask for their transaction approval

Unnecessary rules and processes must be followed to the letter—because some manager who has never actually done the job decided it must be so. As long as they only waste your time, they'll remain in place indefinitely as you're hounded mercilessly about the resulting drop in productivity (thanks to these new processes.) However, as soon as these processes infringe upon the time of the manager who made them, it's miraculous how quickly they can disappear, which means the easiest way to get rid o…
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'Now I'll miss three [days]': Boss demands sick note for one day off, doctor gives them three more

Sometimes your actions to prevent something can bring it into existence as if you're unknowingly fulfilling a prophecy of your own making. That's what happened to this boss, who attempted to keep their workers from taking sick days by demanding they get a doctor's note only to have the doctor recommend them to take more time off than they would have in the first place. This is a common experience we've all probably had ourselves or witnessed at some point in our working life. A lot of organizat…
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'Is it normal to be fired over text after two days': Worker fired from new job after second day without explanation

Starting a new job is stressful; you've traded the relative security of whatever job you've just left for the uncertainty of a new one. This entire process, from start to finish, is time-consuming and emotionally draining, leaving you hoping that you'll never have to go through it again… and then you get fired on your second day. This old bait and switch probably means that either someone realized they didn't have the budget for a new role that they thought they did, or layoffs are on their way…
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'[She] fired my wife on the spot': Manager framed to make way for nepotism hire, entire team walks out

Sometimes nepotism presents itself in subtle, understated ways that influence the progression of someone's career in unseen ways. But, sometimes, the person making way for the nepo-hire is brazen enough to fire workers under false accusations in order to make way for their desired candidate. But when you're in the process of prioritizing your own personal relationships over ability, you shouldn't be quick to overlook the personal relationships of those you're screwing over. This team knew where…
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'I put in my [four] week notice': Guy gets passed over for promotion, successful candidate tries to get him to do his work

Getting passed up for a promotion when you know you're the best candidate is heart-breaking—made worse by the fact that it's usually because of some petty political dynamic or so that they can bring in a nepotism hire. Bonus points when the person who successfully interviewed for the role turns around and asks you for help or tries to delegate your work because your peers and managers have recognized you as the “go-to person." Whatever you decide to do at that point… you probably would like to…
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'I quit and they tried to get me arrested!': Boss tries to saddle worker with $30,000 theft after they fire them while working the store alone

Quitting a job is stressful and can lead your imagination to anticipate a myriad of possible terrible outcomes. The worst case scenario would probably be your current boss being secret best friends with your new one, prompting them to call your new boss and tell them not to hire you before firing you on the spot. Yes, it's unlikely can happen while working in small towns and close-knit industries—or when you're leaving a company to work for their major supplier. Still, despite wild imagination,…
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