narcissism FAIL entitled idiots choosing beggar - 16221957

Baseless Choosing Beggars Who Wanted Something For Nothing

I'll pay you in exposure!
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funny stupid facepalm moments

Facepalm Moments From The Virtuosos of Dumbness

It's like there was a contest.
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aita FAIL relationships idiots vegan funny dating - 16073477

Idiot Boyfriend Gets Mad When He Realizes His New Girlfriend Has Been Cooking Him Vegan Food, He Has Enjoyed Every Meal

This guy is a little slow on the uptake.
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OSHA unsafe safety fails

OSHA-Enraging Safety Fails To Avoid Doing

Seemed like a good idea at the time.
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new zealand cars idiots traffic - 15998981

Another Normal Day Stuck in Traffic in Auckland, New Zealand

Just another average Auckland commute.
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stupid funny facepalm moments | These guys locked their keys an armoured truck | grabbed this bullshit ass chorizo made soy thought saying am chorizo spanish Since 1973 Cacique. SOY CHORIZO Vegetarian EXTRA LARGE

Facepalm Moments from Humanity's Beacons Of Stupid

Great job everyone.
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boss security wtf tech support lol ridiculous dumb idiots laptop stupid - 15904517

Upper Management Gets Laptop Stolen, Doesn't Understand How That's A Security Risk

How does this guy still have a job.
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failbook social media idiots - 15812869

Hopeless Idiots Who Shouldn't Be Allowed Out in Public

Probably best that these people have zero contact with the outside world.
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signs someone is dumb

Subtle Signs That Someone Is Dumb

Bless their hearts.
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stories of very dumb things people said.

Dumb Things People Witnessed That Leave Little Hope For Humanity

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stupid things people said in seriousness

Dumb Things People Said In Complete Seriousness

Where to even start.
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people who didn't understand obvious jokes

Mistaken People Who Missed The Joke By Miles

It's beyond helping.
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incompetent manager cancels closer job, store gets robbed and there's proof it was the manager's fault

Incompetent Manager Gets Rid of Closer, Store Gets Robbed

Gotta lock the place up somehow.
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funny facepalm moments of people being stupid

Facepalm Moments Made Possible By The Brutally Stupid

Someone fire up the brain-o-meter.
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nephew steals from uncle, uncle refuses to pay 40K of college money

Thief Nephew Steals His Way Out of College Money

Not so well-played, bruh.
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story of man who doesn't want emergency night repairs, he antagonizes the repairman and gets arrested

Entitled Goofball Calls Cops On Emergency Pipe Repairman, Gets Arrested

The tables, how they turn.
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