entitled people

Terrifically Entitled People Who Made The World An "Exciting" Place

Absolutely amazing.
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bad misspellings

Spelling Failures That Really Missed The Mark

That doesn't mean that.
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cement truck boss loses company money

Idiot Boss Has Cement Truck Drivers Follow Terrible GPS, Loses Company Thousands

Nice one, boss.
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neighbor cuts down own mulberry tree after hearing lie about mulberry wine

Neighbor Lies About Mulberry Wine Success To Mess With Eavesdropping Neighbor, Cuts Her Own Tree Down

Absolutely terrific.
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boss orders mural painted in rain, work is destroyed and employees leave

Manager Orders Muralists To Paint In The Rain, Destroys Work, Employees Leave Business Gutted

Good one dude.
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funny stupid things people heard someone say

The Dumbest Things People Have Heard Another Human Being Say

"It's french. La va."
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funny design fails

Stupid Design Fails That Made Things More Complicated Than They Needed To Be

Maybe choose a different font.
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funny stupid things people said

Terrifically Stupid Things People Have Heard Someone Say

It's just nonstop.
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customer service server customers bartenders bartender entitled idiots - 16562693

Entitled Jerk Tells Server She Brought Him the Wrong Plate, Bystanders Tell Him They Heard Him Order It

A wholesome moment made possible by stupidity.
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funny stories of stupid questions people were asked

People Share The Dumbest Questions They've Ever Been Asked

There are in fact, dumb questions.
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guy eats wife's food photoshoot and doesn't understand why she is mad

Manchild Eats Wife's Photoshoot, Wonders Why She's Mad

It's an open and shut case.
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scammer pretends to be hit and run victim, uses wrong photos and gets discovered

Scammer Pretends To Be Hit-And-Run Victim, Gets Found Out

Not even good try.
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customer service manager malicious compliance customers dumb idiots funny - 16397829

Clueless Company Refuses to Let Customer Keep Incorrect Pool Table, Would Rather Spend $2800 Shipping Instead of Credit the $200

Sounds like a solid business decision.
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roommate immature entitled idiots roommates - 16386821

Immature Roommate Refuses to Buy Toilet Paper, Woman Hides Hers in Her Room

Sounds like a crappy situation.
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customer support customer service malicious compliance retail customers food service idiots food fast food karen - 16372741

Idiot Karen Plays Herself and Demands to Talk to Manager, Already Is

While u/Snadsnek7 was working at a fast-food restaurant chain they had a “pretty strict” manager named Jay who sought to help his team keep up with company KPIs by helping and being hands-on. Jay did “not have patience for rude people” Jay tried to explain to an ornery idiot that ordering the food she wanted together as a combo would save her money. Idiot continued to insist that she didn't need the drinks and so didn't want the combo. She just wanted the separate items. So, Jay complied. Pains…
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entitled people and their demands

Entitled People Who Made The World Their Big Stupid Oyster

C'mon guys.
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