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Funny Signs Found In This Big Dumb World

It's some kind of a sign.
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Funny Tweets From The Crackling, Popping World Of Twitter

It sparks too.
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An old man demands the extra salty licorice, employee tries to dissuade him, and he doesn't listen.

Salty Old Man Pitches Temper Tantrum Over Salted Licorice

He must've been unimaginably salty.
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An entitled mom wants a goldfish snack and ends up getting turned down.

Entitled Mom Wants Goldfish Snack, Gets Turned Down, Pitches Fit

Enough is enough.
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A collection of funny moments from various people on Twitter.

Twitter Gems Tweeted From Twitter's Twitterrific Tweeters

Every now and again the Tweeters deliver.
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A funny Tumblr post about the funny information gaps that people can end up having.

Tumblr Post: People's Bizarre Information Gaps

We all fall through the cracks on one thing or another.
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A collection of very entertaining dad jokes.

Delightful Dad Jokes That Delivered Top Shelf Dad Humor

Dad jokes just never get old.
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A humorous Twitter thread about various birds that were likely named by people who don't like birds.

Twitter Thread: Birds Named By People That Have Beef With Birds

Seriously, give the poor birds a chance.
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Groom gets married twice in one year, and then acts surprised that people aren't thrilled about a second cash wedding.

Groom Gets Married Twice In One Year, Surprised People Aren't Stoked About Second Cash Wedding

Just a bit clueless there, eh.
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A collection of humorous tall people problems.

Hilarious Tall People Problems

How's the weather up there.
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A collection of funny, highly entertaining rare insults.

Rare Insults That Dunked People In A Hot Bath Of Fiery Words

The right creative insult can absolutely waste someone.
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A Twitter thread on an infamously clueless intern.

Twitter Thread On An Infamously Clueless Intern

James is a gem.
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A collection of cheesy and downright irreverent moments from the Tinder world.

Irreverent, Sloppy, And Downright Shameless Tinder Moments

Oh Tinder, you strange, strange place.
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A quick Tumblr thread addresses the world's greatest tropes. | inspectorwired Follow movie tropes will never get old thing happens two people exchanging money back fourth wall breaking give up all weapons" and one guy spends entire evening taking his weights worth out his pockets terribly loud crash* meowing/ car sirens heard offscreen alternatively terribly loud crash and one characters going "oops most casual voice "fuck well if insist" nerdgasrnz Follow #alternatively alternatively terribly

Tumblr Thread: The World's Greatest Tropes

Love us some tropes.
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A Twitter thread takes a look at some of the funniest bird names out there. | Stu Royall @stu_bot3000 3h Why even go into this line work? More images Go-away-bird go-away-birds, Crinifer, are genus bird turaco family. Unlike many brighter forest dwelling turacos these are birds African open country and have drab grey and white plumage. Wikipedia

Twitter Thread: The World's Most Ridiculous Bird Names

So silly.
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An informative Tumblr thread breaks down the proper care for monsters in the world. | headspace-hotel Follow Common misconceptions surrounding care monsters Contrary popular belief is NOT normal Cerberus's heads fight with one another; this indicates anxiety or lack proper enrichment.

Educational Tumblr Post On Proper Monster Care

It's as if Hagrid himself wrote this.
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