Glad YOU Look So Great in This Photo, Dear...

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Feeling Tough Now, Big Guy?

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It Sure Is

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Meanwhile, in the 1950s...

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Tendons Are a Huge Medical Plot Made Up to Take Our Grandmothers' Cash

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It's Emergency Room Patients Like This That Are Driving Health Care Prices Up

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Protecting Myself From Disease in Around the Immuno-Compromised? Totally Unfair.

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What Do You Mean "Too Bad?"

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Prank Artist of the Day: Convince Repeat DUI Offender He's Been Unconscious for 10 Years

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Her Cooking Can't Be THAT Bad...

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He's Such a Butthead

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Oh, Is That Why You Just Talked About It on Here?

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A Bright Idea

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Then You Get 'Medical A-Fixin'

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This Children's Hospital Went the Extra Mile to Make an MRI Less Scary

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Just Another Day at the Orifice

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