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Nerdy Kid Owns Dance Dance Battle and the Crowd Goes Wild

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NPH Knows What's Up.

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One Angry Customer

this kid liked nothing about school
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103 Year-Old Woman Fulfills Her Dream of Getting a High School Diploma

This lady knows how to get stuff done!

This Kid Is Smart

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The Worst Way to Receive Detention

get excited for detention
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This is What Happens When You Take Parents Out of the Equation

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There's a Hidden Message in This Graduation Quote

the yearbook staff needs to get on their game
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11 of the Most Clever and Bizarre Yearbook Quotes

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Some Kids Just Can't Help Themselves

stop making out in the hallway.
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Using a Calculator to Get Sex

high schoolers are super smooth sex persons
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You Don't Plant During Winter, Dummy

this kid won't be a future farmer
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What The Hell Is This School Celebrating?

this seems wrong...somehow
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They Were Saving it for Posterity

were they learning about milling grains?
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I'd Say He Remembers

High school hockey players have all the luck
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When Excitement and Fear Meet

High school dances can be terrifying
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