Man describes 10 things that he learned from 20 years of marriage.

Man Shares 10 Things He Learned From 20 Years Of Marriage

Marriage can sure teach you a lot.
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A collection of helpful life pro tips that could come in handy.

Helpful Life Pro Tips That Could Come In Handy

Love us some life pro tips.
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nice and good wholesome memes

Wholesome Memes to Engage The Feels

May wholesomeness reign.
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A Twitter thread about how shopping mall maps work great for megadungeon inspiration.

Twitter Thread: Shopping Mall Maps Work Great For Megadungeon Inspiration

Who'd have known.
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Woman shares Twitter thread about tips she picked up from creative writing class.

Twitter Thread: Woman Shares Tips From Creative Writing Class

Writing ain't easy.
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A collection of life pro tips that could come in handy for folks.

Life Pro Tips That Could Come In Handy

Always down to make life a little easier.
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A Twitter thread that includes helpful resume tips.

Twitter Thread: Recruiter Shares Clutch Resume Tips

Knowledge is definitely power sometimes.
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Woman details her amazingly simple experience with Icelandic healthcare | Mary Robinette Kowal O @MaryRobinette lived Iceland found lump had no idea navigate finding doctor, so went our show's production manager found lump. Can help find doctor? PM: Just go cancer center Okay do get referral? PM s referral?

Twitter Thread: A Woman's Experience With Icelandic Healthcare

Sounds real nice.
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HR and recruiters describe the biggest mistakes that job candidates make during the hiring process. | fannyj 5h Q: On scale 1 10 are C language skills 10 Q does do don't know. G Reply 48 B

HR And Recruiters Share Job Candidates' Biggest Mistakes

Best to avoid these.
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People's most effective life hacks for their bodies. | WeAllHaveOurMoments 22h 1 Award Splashing cold water on face triggers mammalian dive response, which instantly lowers BPM and blood pressure s not just movie trope panicking character bathroom actually works and is sometimes even utilized emergency rooms

People's Best Body Life Hacks

Take that, body.
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People share their most invaluable mental health tips. | a_snails_pace Never evaluate life tired. This is so true. Ever notice things seem much worse at night worries seem at their worst next morning brain can think ways fix them and most times they aren't there next day. Edit: My mother told this once and l've never forgotten

AskReddit Thread: People's Most Invaluable Mental Health Tips

Might as well take these on this strange life trip.
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A collection of winter life pro tips that can help anyone glide through the season. | Lost_Gypsy_ 5h Put window insulation kits on lose up 55 homes heat through windows. This will drastically help electric bill and minimize draft. My wife is working on today actually, and will finish get home.

Winter Life Pro Tips To Glide Through The Season

We all need these.
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A collection of helpful life pro tips that'll keep people moving | r/LifeProTips u/m77w LPT: Gossiping about coworkers is one most effective ways make yourself feel paranoid at work. Cut out altogether and marvel as anxiety levels plummet. Careers Work

Wise, Helpful, And Necessary Life Pro Tips

Some good old life improvement.
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An AskReddit thread about lessons that people learned far too late in life | BJntheRV 22h disappointment parents will be far shorter lived than unhappiness endure by trying make life fit their perfect picture.

Lessons People Learned Too Late In Life

A solid cheat sheet on life.
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People describe simple life hacks to get a leg up on life | Primarch459 9h 1 Award Eat Cheetos with chopsticks. Reply 5.9k

Simple Life Hacks Everyone Should Know

Telling an angry person to calm down will make them angrier.
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People describe the best life advice they ever received | CBtheNomad 1d "Use vacation hours, and don't be afraid call sick every now and then either No need work like dog and ignore benefits please boss who doesn't notice. Vacation/staycation days are gems everyone should take! Reply 3.2k

Best Advice People Ever Received

Nice to have these in the back pocket.
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