A submarine service member shares his tips for people dealing with isolation | Jon Bailey @SloopJontyB During my time Submarine Service along with many others endured many weeks and months cooped up steel tube under waves just thought share few coping strategies many now facing Covid-19 ‚Äúpatrol Purell ADVANCED HYGIENIC HAND RUB GEL HYDRO-ALCOOLIQUE POUR LES MAINS GEL ALCOHÓLICO PARA DESINFECCIÓN HIGIÉNICA DE MANOS ANTISÉPTICO PARA PIEL SANA GEL ALCOÓICO ANTISSÉPTICO PARA MÃOS ONTSMETTE Co tish S

A Submarine Service Member's Tips For Isolation

Keep focused on the little things you enjoy.
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astronaut Chris Hadfield explaining how to self isolate social distancing coronavirus

An Astronaut's Guide To Self Isolation

Love this.
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Tumblr post on how to not have to buy laundry detergent | Weirdly anti-millennial articles have scraped bottom barrel so hard they are now two feet down into topsoil tramampoline its so wild like this generation with no fucking money is learning prioritize essentials and all these chucklefucks can write is advertisements these companies

Tumblr User Shares Advice To Squash Laundry Industry

Helpful as ever.
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People on Twitter share their preferred quarantine routines | Kevin Farzad @KevinFarzad My Quarantine Routine just wanted share works This is just give structure and sense stability 9 am 2 am: wake up stare at my phone

Twitter Users Share Their Quarantine Routines

These may or may not work for you.
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AskReddit replies to the various things that people do when they're stressed out | MoterThread 1d bought stress car, no is not full sized car is toy car is large enough has all little details like real glass windows and full interior am stressed throw at floor and/or stand calm my self down and try forget about problem attempt repair as best as can.

Things People Do When Stressed Out

Might try some of these out amidst these times.
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chef gordon ramsay shows how to wash hands properly during coronavirus

Gordon Ramsay Demonstrates Proper Hand Washing

We need this now more than ever.
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Brit living in Italy during Coronavirus lockdown talks some sense about the results | As Brit living Italy, here are some things need know: Our supermarkets HAVE STAYED OPEN. They are on slightly reduced hours and have queue get yes s ball-ache) but they are OPEN. EVERY DAY. Deliveries continue arrive so fucks sake, shop like NORMAL HUMAN BEINGS!

Brit Living In Italy Talks Some Sense About Coronavirus

Finally, a break from the hysteria.
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A registered nurse shares a helpful Twitter thread on how to manage having the Coronavirus | smashingteacups @smasheroteacups know all tired hearing/talking about but one thing T HAVEN'T really seen going around is advice happens if DO get coronavirus (many us will only advice try AVOID So as friendly neighborhood RN wee thread: 7:06 AM 11 Mar 20 Twitter iPhone Tweet reply

Twitter Thread: A Registered Nurse's Tips On Treating The Coronavirus

Some helpful information amidst the storm of crazy information.
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Retail workers describe their best methods for passing the time while at work | reddit posted by Bo-Po-Mo-Fo worked retail used go out and sloooowwwwly gather carts.

Retail Workers' Best Methods For Passing Time

Best way to pass the time is to forget about it.
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Twitter users share tips on bizarre ways to manage anxiety | tweet by @1SafeDriver #BizarreWaysToManageAnxiety cover everything bubble wrap

Bizarre Ways To Manage Anxiety (20 Tweets)

Not the conventional approaches toward dealing with anxiety.
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Twitter thread shares knowledge on N95 masks | Leora Horwitz @leorahorwitzmd Non medical friends, let's have chat about masks. So bought yourself box N95 masks and think good COVID19. Let tell my hospital makes do EVERY YEAR make sure my N95 mask fits (yes, they come sizes Watch out: long thread ahead!

Twitter Thread Shares Knowledge On N95 Masks

Some pointers on how to make sure the mask fits.
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Soldiers share things that the military doesn't provide that would be welcomed in care packages | Burner_03 2d Please dont pack soap or any scented hygiene product with any food items food items will absorb smell s hard enjoy Irish spring cookies. military army camouflage uniform

Soldiers Share Their Care Package Tips

A helpful rundown on the things soldiers actually end up wanting.
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Women on Twitter share career advice for their younger selves | Evie Ebert @ohevie private citizen can walk out door&go home whenever want. They don't pay worry about not there. Most people are faking their enthusiasm because not loving is too scary them will forget names tormentors 5 yrs.

Working Women Share Career Advice For Their Younger Selves

The wisdom of hindsight is the darnedest thing.
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AskReddit replies to people's best fake sick advice | pug wrapped up on a blanket post by berks99 If hang head off bed upside down will sound very congested!

People's Best "Fake Sick" Advice

Never know when a fake sick day might be absolutely necessary.
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AskReddit users share the best questions to ask job interviewers after a job interview | DDodgeSilver 5h Tell something positive about working here won't find with many other employers more personal answer Deb brings cookies on Fridays have company trip Worlds Water every July better job will be, IMHO more sounds like rehashed version their mission statement worse.

Great Questions To Ask A Job Interviewer

Avoid a potentially bad job by asking the right questions.
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A collection of tweets from people sharing their most helpful lessons from therapy | tweet by Ttown316 Replying CarolineMoss are not responsible version they created their mind.

People's Favorite Lessons From Therapy (36 Tweets)

Never know when these calming tips might come in handy.
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