Damn Pistol You Scary

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Home of the Brave

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BAMF 11-Year-Old Shoots a Burglar in the Leg and Calls Him a Baby For Crying About It

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So This is What it's Like Being Shot at While Wearing a Kevlar Body Armor Vest

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Pulling a Gun on a Cop and Then Running Away? Not a Smooth Move

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A Gun Company Just Created the Real Life Version of the Nintendo Duck Hunt Zapper

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Badass is Taking on an Armed Robber With Your Bare Hands

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I Don't Know That I'd be This Brave, But Apparently You Can Stand Real Close to an Assault Rifle Under Water and Not Get Shot

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Careful, You'll Shoot Your Tooth Out

funny parenting gif little girl shoots her loose tooth out
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Neil McCabe Messed Up Big Time When He Tried to Defend Gun Crime to the UK

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'MERICA of the Day: This 'Ordinary Family' Christmas Card is Packing Some Serious Heat for the Holidays

'MERICA of the Day: This Ordinary Family Christmas Card is Packing Some Serious Heat for the Holidays
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Reality TV Caught What Might Be The Happiest Gunshot Victim

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This Soldier's Helmet Just Saved Him From a Sniper Shot

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This is the Paradigm of Tweenage Suburbia Boredom

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There Goes All My Money

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funny fail idaho teacher shoots himself in the foot first week

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