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20-Year-Veteran Tweets His Stance On Arming Teachers

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Internet Shreds Texas Senator For His Tweet "Defending" School Shooter

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Man accidentally fires gun he thinks is not loaded on camera.

Guy FAILs At Weapon Safety While Reviewing A Gun

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Guy Makes a Grievous Error In Judgement While Shooting

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Idiot Fills Fridge With Explosive Tannerite, Shoots It With a Gun and Narrowly Escapes Death

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A Nerf Dart Firing At Mach 2 Is Scarier Than a Bullet

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Who Needs a Holster Anyway?

gif of man with gun in gut
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Don't Trust Anyone, Not Even in Your DMs

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When You Gotta Assassinate and Entertain a Family of 4 at the Same Time

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Fishing With A Glock 9mm Handgun Underwater is Almost Literally 'Shooting Fish a Barrel'

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Welcome to America

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Finally Got Something for My Fear of Fenceposts

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Watch This Guy Show off a Potato Gun That Can Fire off at 20,000 FPS

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The Humane Thing to Do...

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Probably Not Tho

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Dad Takes a Direct Hit

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