Make my coworkers cry I will help karma turn your life upside down.

'I am not quite finished with him yet': Hotel employee gets massive revenge on entitled guest

This hotel employee concocted the most elaborate revenge plot on an awful, entitled guest!
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large sister in law destroys chair, won't pay for it after she destroys it

Large Sister-In-Law Knowingly Destroys Expensive Chair, Refuses To Pay For It

The internet presides.
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entitled parent brings baby to wedding, doesn't see why they're in the wrong

Parent Brings Disruptive Baby To Child-Free Wedding, Doesn't Understand Why They're In The Wrong

That's some straight up cognitive dissonance right there.
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Twitter discussed Swedish people not feeding guests

The Internet Found Out Some Swedish People Don't Feed Guests and Twitter Had A Day About It

Really puts the Swedish Chef into perspective.
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weird things people did visiting someone's house

Wild Junk People Had To Do When Visiting Someone Else's House

Uh, cool.
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bad houseguests

The Worst and Weirdest Houseguests People Have Witnessed

Okay, cool.
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plant mom's family steals and sell plants

Plant Mom's Sister-In-Law and Niece Say They'll Watch Plants, Cut Up And Sell The Pieces

That's a bundle.
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guests aita visiting siblings relationships entitled - 16529669

Visiting Entitled Sister Throws Away $1000 Worth of Sibling's Food, Gets Kicked From House

Imagine having the audacity to throw out someone's food when you're a guest in their home. It doesn't matter who it is, that's just insane. Well, that's exactly what happened to u/Scared-Outside4725 when they invited their sister to come into their home. u/Scared-Outside4725 describes their relationship with their sister as not being very close, describing their feelings as being "apathetic love" towards one another. The sister recently had a job interview near their hometown where u/Scared-Out…
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houseguest takes what she thinks is pregnancy test, announces pregnancy and is wrong about it

Woman Steals What She Thinks Is Pregnancy Test, Announces Pregnancy, Is Wrong

Filed under "whoops."
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terrible guests horrible wtf house selfish ridiculous entitled funny weird - 16295941

Absurdly Rude Guests That Made Themselves Far Too Comfortable

We all (mostly) try to be good hosts when we have guests, but sometimes our hospitality can be taken advantage of by guests who seem to forget that they aren't at their own house. This led u/ Mr_Yus_uwu to ask the question: "What was the worst thing your guest did when they took "Make yourself at home" very literally? The results were as surprising as they were unsurprising. That means to say, people can be pretty terrible houseguests in wildly unpredictable ways. It's not unheard of to have a…
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frustrating guests wtf lol dinner entitled Beef food - 15999493

Dude Organizes Beef Wellington Dinner, Guests Demand It Be Cooked Well Done

When you're organizing a fancy dinner party and cooking expensive meat, you should be the one calling the shots for the guests — not the other way around. This type of conflict happened to Redditor u/Kitchen-Vegetable734, who posted a story about how their friend enlisted them to roast a fancy Beef Wellington dinner for a group of friends on Reddit's popular moral judgment community r/AmITheAsshole . When an additional friend was added to the guest list, they requested that the beef be roasted…
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people's thanksgiving drama stories

People's Most Succulently Absurd Drama From This Past Thanksgiving

Every year there's more.
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gluten free vegan wedding guest wants meal option catered to her

Gluten Free Vegan Plus One Wants Wedding Catered To Her

Oh boy.
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weird things people saw at other peoples houses

The Weirdest Things People Saw At Other People's Houses

It uh, takes all kinds.
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stories of terrible houseguests

The Most Disrespectful Houseguests People Have Had

"Get out, git!"
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Stories of people's worst houseguests

The Worst Houseguests People Have Experienced

A bad houseguest is a force.
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