Google Gives Terrible Quizzes

wtf quiz geography funny google - 8365487360
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Now You're Going to Tell Me Hawaii Isn't Just Off the Coast of California

usa alaska facepalm geography Maps - 8346656000
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A Country Far, Far Away

facepalm geography vacation - 8341752064

Have Fun on Your Trip!

africa facepalm geography ebola failbook g rated - 8342026752
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Too Late, the Stupid Virus Already Hit

twitter facepalm ebola geography failbook g rated - 8335309568
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A History Teacher in China Draws This Map From Memory in Mere Minutes

geography map school Stupid Human Tricks teacher - 8328455680
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Any Relation to the One With the Big Clock Thingy?

america england geography texting - 8327477248
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Scotland's Independence Vote Might Have Real Geological Consequences

scotland facepalm geography texting failbook - 8322596096
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Welcome to the United State of Los Angeles

los angeles pizza facepalm geography new orleans - 8315580160
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What Kind of Third World Nation, Again?

doctor who geography what failbook g rated - 8313246208
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How Many Continents Are There? Or do You Mean Condiments?

geography food spelling - 8286704640
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You Might Want to Go Back to Geography Class

news wtf geography idiots funny - 8281189888
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The Quickest Way to Travel Internationally

geography map tumblr failbook g rated - 8266451200
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geography Video Stupid Human Tricks - 62434561

50 States, 17 Seconds, 1 Fast Mouth

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Welcome to London, the City of Love!

eiffel tower facepalm geography paris London Travel - 8248151296
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"Main Land"? MAIN LAND???

africa facepalm geography - 8233304064
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