Crap, Forgot to Study for This Quiz

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Understanding Global Politics in One Terrible Comment Thread

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60 Odd Regional Foods of the US

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Land of the Free, Home of the Outback

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Wales Just Got a Bit Flatter

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Venice, ID Here We Come!

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Yeah, What's the Deal With These Continents in the Middle of the Ocean too?

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See if You Can Spot the Differences in This Totally Erroneous Map That Made it to Spanish TV

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What a Bunch of Morons, It's Philadelphia!

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Take a Minute and Absorb all the Dumb Here

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Romantic Comedies By Premise & Geographical Area

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50 Facts About 50 US Capitals

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Basic Misunderstandings of Geography Aren't Exclusive to Americans

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ABC Has Basically no Idea What Flags Are

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What a Difference a Few Letters Can Make

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This is Either a Bad Joke or a Terrible Understanding of Geography

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