Wait I Thought Africa Was a Big Island?

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Apparently Geography Taught You Nothing

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Australia and Austria: More Than Meets the Eye!

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Visit Exotic and Foreign NEW Mexico!

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How Wrong Can One Person be About Africa?

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Next You're Going to Tell Me DC is a Capital City

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How Many Africas Are There, Jeez!

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Can You Get a Passport in the Nation of Islam?

religion facepalm islam geography - 8414873600
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The Sovereign Island Nation of Alaska Will Not Stand for This Ignorance

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In a World Where Google Doesn't Exist...

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This Is Why Geography Class Is Important

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Geography 101: Can You Name Them?

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Check the Headline, Try Again!

news facepalm Sarah Palin geography - 8387124480
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I (Leaning Tower of Pisa) Berlin, Too!

London shirt geography - 8375660032
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Life is a Miracle, Especially for the Stupid

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The Crystal Caves

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