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The Dangers of Taking Wisdom Literally

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Have You Tried Unplugging It?

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That's Probably Cancerous

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Are Your Kids Like This?

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Check Out That Paw

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Let Pescetarians Know That You're Here For Them!

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Bring Out the Holy Hand Grenades

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HTC Smooches the Pooch, Takes a Picture of Their New Android Phone With an iPhone

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shotgun lasers DIY Video g rated win - 71709953

Do You Really Need a Reason to Build a Laser Shotgun?

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When You Gotta Ride in Comfort...

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This Is a Handprint of Bacteria From an 8-Year-Old Who Just Got Back From Playing Outside

science kids image This Is a Handprint of Bacteria From an 8-Year-Old Who Just Got Back From Playing Outside
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guitar Music drums Video g rated win - 71712001

This Cool MIDI Controller Turns Your Guitar into a Drum Machine!

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Congratulations on Being the Worst Parker of the Year!

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hospital reaction Video g rated win - 71656193

This Kid Has a Priceless Reaction to Waking Up With a Cast on His Arm

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guitar Music Walmart Video g rated win - 71655681

Absolutely Killing it on a Walmart Guitar

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When the Custodians Have Just Had Enough

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