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Too True, Too True...

advice dawww Father g rated growing up Hall of Fame parenting Parenting Fail true facts - 5595878144
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FLOTUS and SNL's Jay Pharoah Want You to Go To College

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FAIL Saudi Arabia weather g rated music video - 75417601

When Your Country Isn't Used to Getting Heavy Rains, But You're Trying to Stay Upright

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It Turns Out Bat-Armor is Perfect for Riding

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A Real Meta Way to Stack Your Lumber

art design tree g rated win - 8316031488
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These Two Are the Dumbest Criminals Ever, and Judge Judy's Quickest Court Case

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4th of july fireworks Video g rated win - 62206977

These Fireworks Weigh Over 900 Pounds, Cost $1,500 Dollars, and Will Blow Away Anything You Could Buy in a Grocery Store Parking Lot

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fireworks pretty colors Video g rated win - 65570817

Wait Until the 3:11 Mark for the Biggest Firework Ever

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fireworks whee Video g rated win - 71432193

Firing Off 300 Rockets at Once is Pure, Gleeful Pandemonium

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Sometimes, When Headlines Are So Long That They Need to Be Shortened, They Can Be Really Fu...

headlines failbook g rated - 7925681920

Can We Get a Price Check on the Potatocam?

monday thru friday retail potato camera g rated - 8433448704
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Now This is a Customer Service WIN

customer service world of warcraft school nerdgasm g rated win - 7117482240

Do They Also Know I'm a Ravenclaw?

NSA FBI conspiracy failbook g rated - 8382738432
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Dress For the Occasion

costume batman kids parenting zoo g rated - 8143403520
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Cuddling Is a Struggle

funny g rated dating - 8205867008
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Possible Signs Of Aggression

dating g rated Hall of Fame murder quote Words Of Wisdom - 5738383104

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