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rage douchebag parkers construction cars Video parking g rated win - 71599617

We've All Wanted to Do This to Improperly-Parked Cars

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Beautiful Poetry in the Parking Lot

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I Hate Getting Mail From the Previous Resident

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At Least the Most Useful

drinking signs image At Least the Most Useful
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completely relevant news old people rock cars Video g rated win - 71620865

A 91-Year-Old Man Checks One More Thing Off His Bucket List: Driving a Car Through His Garage Door

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Print the TPS Reports on THIS

work office space image Print the TPS Reports on THIS
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This Wine Glass Floats and Sticks in Sand for All Your Summer Needs

drinking summer cool accessories This Wine Glass Floats and Sticks in Sand for All Your Summer Needs
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surfing whee Video g rated win - 71568641

Let's Just Hop Over the Island on This Kiteboard, Shall We?

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Music saxophone Video Stupid Human Tricks g rated win - 71596033

Playing a Saxophone Without a Saxophone

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old people rock running marathon BAMF Video g rated win - 71542529

At 92 Years Old, She's the Oldest Marathon Runner Ever!

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nokia guns phone Video g rated win - 71543553

Nokia Phones Aren't Indestructible, but it DOES Take an Anti-Aircraft Gun to Take One Out

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That's Dedication

school funny rick roll That's Dedication
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The Internet is 2 Spooky 4 Me

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"We found an Apple with space for two USB devices!"

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Some People Say Photoshop, Some People Say THE PROPHECY IS FULFILLED

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Not Very Reassuring

drinking funny signs Not Very Reassuring
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