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The world of Tumblr is a bizarre one, but there's no doubt that it'll make you laugh. Expect threads on the randomest of topics, dank memes and the occasional cringe or smh.

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Twenty Top Tumblr Gems From the Tumblr Trove of Treasure

These Tumblr gems were the top of the week.
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funny tumblr gems

Random Tumblr Gems To Hack Through With A Machete

There's something out there.
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A funny Tumblr post about the funny information gaps that people can end up having.

Tumblr Post: People's Bizarre Information Gaps

We all fall through the cracks on one thing or another.
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funny tumblr thread on there only being one bed

Tumblr Thread: The Very Real Cliché Of Bed Scarcity

It actually happens in real life.
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funny tumblr gems, memes and random observations

Funny Tumblr Gems of The Sparkling Variety

If they're not from France they're just sparkling gems.
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Funny Tweets And Tumblr Gems To Give The Day Some Pazazz

The internet is a whirlwind of people's thoughts and fears about anything from the nature of reality to their own dwindling health. But sometimes, sometimes they'll get into the real meat of what it means to be human. That's weird errant thoughts about clown death, truly stupid but honest takes about windshield wipers, and discussions of the time Alice Cooper almost shot Elvis. It's those delectable funny tweets and tumblr gems that kick the day up a few notches.
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A wholesome and hilarious post about a funny dad.

Tumblr Thread: A Wholesome And Hilarious Dad

Lucky kid.
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Funny Tumblr Thread on the Spice that Han Solo was smuggling | vanyaliful S novasstillintheair Follow prokopetz Follow know Star Wars extended universe treats "spice" like 's this big scary drug, but kind like imagine s basically just space weed, and only reason Han got trouble with Imperials over Jabba's cargo is he evading import tariffs. alexanderrm Follow If just looking at mentions original trilogy, is there evidence 's even drug and not something put on bland food make taste like something

Tumblr Thread: What Exactly Han Solo Was Smuggling

Spice. Not even once.
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Tumblr goes all the way in on why dragons have their eyes where they do. | galahadwilder sudden, terrifying thought see an animal with its eyes set front, like wolves, or humans s usually predator animal.

Tumblr Goes Mythological Scientist Mode On Dragons

Dragons are awesome.
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Sparkling Tumblr Gems Uncovered From the Deep

Commence the tumbling!
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Funny tumblr thread about operating a clown meat deli

Tumblr Thread: Being a Purveyor of Fine Clown Meats

It's uh... it's a lot.
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A quick Tumblr thread addresses the world's greatest tropes. | inspectorwired Follow movie tropes will never get old thing happens two people exchanging money back fourth wall breaking give up all weapons" and one guy spends entire evening taking his weights worth out his pockets terribly loud crash* meowing/ car sirens heard offscreen alternatively terribly loud crash and one characters going "oops most casual voice "fuck well if insist" nerdgasrnz Follow #alternatively alternatively terribly

Tumblr Thread: The World's Greatest Tropes

Love us some tropes.
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A quick Tumblr post about how our brains trip out in complete darkness. | georgeyofthetrumpets blackbearmagic no but seriously still get chills thinking about turning off my headlamp cave and Hand Did Not Actually See, and 's been twelve years since happened 's such an unreal experience like turn off light cave and wave hand front face and

Tumblr Thread: Sensory Deprived Brains Turn Into Hallucination Factories

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An epic wholesome Tumblr story about a mom who tried to purchase a woman with goats. | probably-voldemort My family is not very religious most time pray at Christmas and Easter and Thanksgiving dinners, and my mom's entire side family excluding her parents and siblings is hardcore religious so whenever do anything with them 's kind religious. But point is, most time aren't, but every year at Christmas time church next town over puts on Bethlehem and 's kind tradition go. They go all out building

Tumblr Story: The Epic Saga Of Goat Guy

Goat guy is the real MVP.
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An informative Tumblr thread breaks down the proper care for monsters in the world. | headspace-hotel Follow Common misconceptions surrounding care monsters Contrary popular belief is NOT normal Cerberus's heads fight with one another; this indicates anxiety or lack proper enrichment.

Educational Tumblr Post On Proper Monster Care

It's as if Hagrid himself wrote this.
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funny tumblr memes | languagebender why divide people by unrational things COULD divide them by whether their word cotton candy is valid or not languagebender examples: american english: cotton candy good british english: fairy floss X not valid spanish, german: sugar cotton good french: daddy's beard X NOT VALID berenswick sorry French call | popokko best way draw frog. is give as few frog qualities as possible. just enough barely registers as frog popokko like this

Funny and Sweet Random Tumblr Gems

Avast ye mateys, here be the bounty o' the internet!
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