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The world of Tumblr is a bizarre one, but there's no doubt that it'll make you laugh. Expect threads on the randomest of topics, dank memes and the occasional cringe or smh.

An important Tumblr post about the importance of serving customers what they ask for.

Vegan Girl Gets Served Real Burger, Ignites Important Educational Tumblr Thread

Best to respect those specialized orders.
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An informative Tumblr post breaks down a series of important corn maze safety rules.

Spooky Tumblr Post On Dealing With Monstrous Corn Mazes

Spooktober is hitting its stride.
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A funny Tumblr post about how Halloween stores work in America.

Australian Tumblr User Can't Handle Americans And Their Halloween Stores

But they're so much fun.
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A Tumblr thread about how people will lie to get themselves the right job or grade in school.

A Tumblr Post On Lack Of Scientific Integrity

Humans are complex creatures.
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A funny Tumblr thread about how humans are actually terrible at reading flirty signals.

Humans Fail Miserably At Identifying Flirting

The struggle is real.
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The NYC subway bans dogs, so people step up with genius innovations.

NYC Bans Dogs In Subways, People Step Up With Ingenious Innovations

Seriously, brilliant work all around.
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A funny and relatable Tumblr thread about how to adult effectively.

Tumblr Thread: Hacks On Adulting Effectively

Adulting is easier said than done.
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A funny Tumblr thread about a dog who learns proper dinner etiquette.

Tumblr Post: Dog Picks Up On Proper Dinner Etiquette

Dogs can be quite brilliant.
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A wild Tumblr thread about nature going beast mode.

Tumblr Story: Nature Goes Beast Mode, Fights Off Alien Invasion

Those dang cicadas, man.
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A funny Tumblr post about how Ash Ketchum is crazy strong.

Tumblr Post: Ash Ketchum's Actually A Shredded Monster

Ash, do you even lift, bro?
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A quirky Tumblr post suggest that many humans have minor magical powers that are overlooked.

A Quirky Tumblr Post On Mundane Magic Amongst Humans

There's magic in the air, folks.
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funny tumblr gems and tweets

Tumblr Gems and Funny Tweets To Obtain Optimal Entertainment

Get away, boredom!
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A collection of funny moments from various people on Tumblr.

Bizarre, Humorous, And Terrific Tumblr Gems

Gotta keep on Tumblin on.
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A funny Tumblr post goes full lawyer mode on the curse of Davy Jones.

Tumblr Thread Does Deep Dive On Loophole In Davy Jones' Curse

Tumblr back at it again doing what it does best.
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A funny Tumblr post about how people's brains get awfully silly around cute animals.

Tumblr Thread: People's Brains Go Nuts Around Pets

It's the strangest thing.
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An awesome creative Tumblr post about the monster who lives under the bed.

Creative Tumblr Post About The Monster That Lives Under The Bed

What a fun take on a traditional story.
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