things overheard after phone calls

Wild Junk People Overheard After Someone Thought They'd Hung Up

It's good to double check.
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soiled daughter wants money for trip, gets denied

Dude Wants Partner To Foot The $30K Bill For His Spoiled Daughter's Trip, Gets Denied

Screw that.
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signs someone is not a nice person

Subtle Signs Someone Sucks As A Person

That's familiar.
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annoying double standards

Societal Double Standards That Boil People's Blood

Oh cool, great.
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people's funny petty work drama stories

People Share Their Current Work Drama That's Tearing The Workplace Apart

That's-a-spicy workplace.
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entitled dad leaves kids with stranger on airplane

Entitled Dad Leaves Kids On Plane With Stranger, Ends Up Wholesomely

A questionable dad move.
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things people hate about their partner

Things People Hate The Most About Their Significant Other

Relationships are about compromise.
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people's "I hate this guy" guy

People Share Their "I Can't Stand This Guy" Guy

Everyone's got one.
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sugar free helicopter mom upset that her son had birthday cake

No-Sugar Helicopter Mom Demands Parents Punish Their Child For Giving Her Son Cake

Oh boy.
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Karen gives horrible tip, gets it back from server

Rude Karen Leaves A 48 Cent Tip, Overworked Server Gives It Back

It never ends.
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entitled people and their demands

Entitled People And Their Bold Shenanigans

What a cool group.
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people who didn't understand jokes and memes

Fun-Stealing Dullards Who Didn't Get The Joke

C'mon, think about it for like a second.
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tenant gets fine for giving neighbor car space, pays fee as inconveniently as possible

Tenant Gets Unfair Fine, Pays In 37 Installments

It's the small things. 37 of them, to be precise.
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Sad frustrating annoying embarrassing stories - 16374277

Stuff People Will Definitely Never Do Again

People always talk about how important it is to live life to the fullest and do as many things as possible. The inevitable outcome is that about half of those things aren't exactly gonna be worth it. Sure, things not working out sometimes is the price of admission for doing anything at all, but it sure sucks to learn that you don't like bungie jumping while actively bungie jumping. And then there are the “activities” that are more like situations that last more than a few years. Sometimes those…
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dumb ways falsely accused of cheating stories

Dumb Ways People Got Falsely Accused Of Cheating

Nice detective work.
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absurd funny times things and people got singled out

Absurd Times The Universe Messed With One Person Exclusively

Thanks for the attention, Universe.
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