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People Are Sharing the "Things That We Pretend We Need to Be Addicted to" and I Need to Go Home and Rethink My Life

These are the things that we justify being addicted to as a society.
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Insecure Boyfriend Asks Artist Friend to Skip Class When His Girlfriend Gets Selected as the Nude Model

Understandable reaction. Poor rationalization and actions.
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Girlfriend Ghosts After Bad Boyfriend Steals Her Credit Card and Spends Over $500 on Some Fresh Kicks

Bye Felicia!
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revenge friends petty revenge petty pub - 15407109

Girl Gets Her Nemesis Kicked Out of the Pub in the Pettiest of Revenge

Girl gets girl who hates her kicked out of pub.
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Absurd Couple Gets Offended When Their Friends Order Food to Take Home at a Restaurant

What are we missing here?
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Ridiculous Friend Says Her Love Language is “Receiving Gifts”, Gets Mad That Her Present Isn’t Expensive Enough

Sounds like her love language is being a spoiled brat.
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Delusional Entitled Bride Insists Seamstress Friend Make Her A Wedding Dress For Free

Some people just expect everything for free.
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Bridezilla Uninvites Grieving Friend From Her Wedding Because of “Cultural”Requirements

It's no wonder you don't have many friends.
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AITA for refusing to put on my top while I was sunbathing in front of my friends?

European College Chick in America Sparks Drama By Sunbathing Topless Around Her Friends, Reddit Debates the Ethics of Being Topless in Public

I find it hard to say she's in the wrong here.
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Houseguest Demands Labor Intensive Vegan Meal, Isn't Even Vegan

Oh come on man.
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friend is always late and won't apologize, is given a gift card with no money

Constantly Late Friend Won't Apologize, Tastes Wrath of Decoy Gift Card

The ol' gift card runaround.
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Wife Shuts Down Husband's Arrogant Friend, Reminds Him She Makes More Than He Does

Woman tells husband's friend that she makes more money than him.
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friend hits on friend as test and expects help moving

Unhinged Friend Hits On Friend As A Test, Calls Him A Creep, Still Expects Help Moving

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friend hires friend as wedding photographer and is a jerk, gets all wedding photos deleted

Jerk Friend Hires Friend As Photographer, Gives Ultimatum, Loses

Where's the decency?
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weird things people saw at other peoples houses

The Weirdest Things People Saw At Other People's Houses

It uh, takes all kinds.
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Reliable Ways To Tell If Someone's A Jerk

It's wild out there.
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