"There is no such thing as a day off"

'There is no such thing as a day off': Hypocrite manager demands employee cover shift on day off, but won't discuss sick leave on their own day off

Some people are blindly ignorant to the irony of their own existence. How could anyone send those texts — in that order — and think to themself, “Gee, what a wonderfully competent and enlightened being I am.”
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Wife accidentally CC’d on email of her upcoming termination

HR Discusses Employee's Upcoming Termination with Business Owner, Accidentally CC's the Employee

Give me a minute while I pick my jaw up from the floor!
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New Job Bait and Switch | I worked for a national home improvement store (the blue one). When I interviewed, I applied for the sales position in plumbing (no longer exists). It was Monday - Friday, 9-5, with a commission program. Since I had years of plumbing experience, I was offered the job. The day I started I was told the sales job went to an internal promotion, only thing they could offer me was 'part time'. Lower hourly rate, n

'New job bait and switch': Home improvement store hires electrician to plumbing department over actual plumber, this goes exactly as expected

There are certain things in life that just make sense: Like hiring a plumber to help in your plumbing department and an electrician for the electrical department. Well, this mysteriously nameless “home improvement store” got their wires crossed when this manager decided to nepotistically appoint an electrician to the full-time plumbing department that they had just hired a plumber to work in. When the plumber came to start their full-time job… they were told by the manager that they actually ha…
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Boss told me at the last minute about "mandatory" overtime that he made up because he was mad two of my co-workers called off that day. I missed one day that week, first day in almost a year

'Clock out and go home then': Boss demands mandatory made-up overtime, fires worker and her boyfriend when she refuses

This vindictive a-hole of a boss saw fit to mandate surprise overtime when they came to the conclusion that their employees had missed too much work. Sure, it's understandable that they were feeling some stress and pressure while looking at the loss of man-hours for the week. There were probably some slumping numbers and unfinished tasks that were contributing to their impulse to pick up the phone. But, as adults and professionals, it's important that we control our impulses; there will always…
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One day the field rep called because he didn’t like how we’d answered an email. Not that we hadn’t answered it, just that he didn’t like the manner in which it had been answered. After decades of dealing with this shipper, being micromanaged to that level was not something that we were interested in.

'You should fire us!.. Ok.': Freight company follows through on client's empty threat, calls their bluff and stops servicing them

There's a prevalent school of thought that prevails when it comes to client servicing: Do anything (and everything) possible to keep them happy and contracted; having worked in these sectors in the past, upper management never likes seeing a contract cancellation notice pass across their desk, even if that contract was costing the business money.
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Fired after 7 years | Worker fired after attempting to give their two week's notice, former employer then reaches out to them again

Update: 'This morning I woke up to several texts': Company fires worker for giving two week's notice, then has the nerve to contact them asking for help

The act of giving notice is one of mutual trust — especially when the worker isn't protected by an agreement or local law. The worker is showing their employer a sign of goodwill by allowing them the time to prepare other workers, maintain continuity, and execute a proper handover. The problem with giving notice is it's also like a breakup — “It's not you, it's me. I've just… Found someone else.” — and all too often, emotionally-stunted owners and middle managers take it exactly as such. This l…
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How "I don't listen to women" ended in unemployment

'The manager [...] didn't want [him] to even finish the shift': Misogynist coworker insists he doesn't listen to women, ends up unemployed also

It shouldn't be all that hard to behave like a reasonable and rational human individual — right? Like it's not that difficult to get up in the morning and put on your business persona and treat other people with the slightest amount of respect. Sure, there might be a deep fire of eternal rage burning somewhere deep inside you for the sheer disappointment that adult life holds — the field of your future littered with broken promises and unrealized dreams — but that doesn't mean that it's ok to t…
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My Employer Was Sold. We were all laid off and told we could re-apply for our jobs. Nobody Applied.

'No one single person has re-applied for their old job': New owners lay off entire staff and force workers to reapply for their job, no one does

When this (very profitable) small family-owned business was sold off, the new owners greedily rubbed their greasy hands together and contemplated how they were going to ruin it.
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Shut the F*ck up get in the truck and do what you’re told! You got it. | Malicious compliance

'I jumped in my truck, called his boss, and went home': Jerk construction operator abuses wrong contractor, gets fired

There are times when you've gotten away with doing the wrong thing for so long you grow accustomed to getting away with it — like that u-turn you pull while dropping the kids off at school, speeding on your favorite route to work, chopping up kidnapped victims in your basement, or — in a different manner — those late nights playing GameBoy under the covers as a kid. Getting away with the action for an extended period of time doesn't change its moral, or legally grey, standing, in fact, it might…
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Elon Musk fired developer via Twitter | I have spent ~6yrs working on Twitter for Android and can say this is wrong.

Viral Twitter Thread: 'He's fired': Elon Musk fires developer via tweet for publicly correcting him on Twitter in viral exchange

As the Twitter meltdown continues to unfold, Elon Musk has just excused a Staff Software Engineer — who dared to speak out against his rhetoric — via Twitter.
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i "embarrassed" my boss after coming in “late” on my day off, and working 10 hours to appease one of his “good customers”

'Update: I am now being berated after coming in on my day off, working 10 hours, and cancelling an appointment': Boss ridicules employee after they work overtime on their day off to help boss's friend, employee quits

Imagine trading your day off, working a 10-hour shift, and canceling a vital appointment to help your boss's friend out — only to have your boss throw it back in your face by telling you how “embarrassed” he was that you weren't able to make it to a location, an hour away, at 7 am.
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'Who Put You In Charge?' 33 Dreadfully Dumb Design Fails That Probably Got Someone Fired

'Who Put You In Charge?': 33 Dreadfully Dumb Design Fails That Probably Got Someone Fired

It wasn't me.
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management antiwork fired toxic-workplace workplace Horrible Bosses viral - 1813511

'Don't bother ur fired': Employee fired over text for not showing up for a shift they weren't even scheduled for in this viral thread

Is being a psychic medium going to be the next ridiculous requirement for an entry-level role?
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HR is NOT your friend

'HR is NOT your friend': Fresh out of college employee confides in HR and ends up getting fired

No matter how nice they are, do not trust HR...
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I was laid off today. This is the letter I have for the CEO.

Former Insurance Company Employee Gets Fired After 22 Years, Then Confronts the CEO

Standing up for yourself will never overrated
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You should fire us!" "Ok." | My family runs a small trucking company. Depending on where you are in the world, you might call us a P&D company, a Final Mile company, a White Glove company... basically we handle the kind of stuff that you might buy to have delivered to your home or business,

Trucking Company Takes Clients Own Advice and Fires Them After Calling Their Bluff

“Why don't you just fire us then.” is an empty threat that you should never make, somewhere along the lines of “If you don't do this I quit” or “Why don't you just leave if you don't like it." When one makes such threats they're saying it thinking they're in a position of power. It's a power move and manipulation tactic to force a subordinate (or someone you otherwise have power over) into reluctantly accepting whatever terms you are proposing. By giving them an “out”, the person in power is ps…
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