An independent contractor gets too happy with their monopoly, and then an HOA petty revenge ensues.

Greedy Contractor Doubles Price On Original Order, Petty Revenge Ensues

Buddy got the wakeup call he needed.
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Boyfriend makes an irrational purchase and then expects to be able to pay less on his bills.

Boyfriend Makes Irrational Purchase, Expects Reduction In Bills

That's not how it works, bud.
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Guy decides to hide his inheritance from his girlfriend and her family | AITA hiding 135k just inherited my girlfriend and her family? Context: My girlfriend(22) and 23) just had our first child few months ago pregnancy wildly unplanned as am graduate school and neither us were ever interested children

Guy Hides Inheritance Money From Girlfriend

Tough call on this one, seeing as she had a kid with the guy!
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tumblr user gets strange debt letter | cherryseltzer just got super predatory debt collection letter 113 debt citizens bank, who had an account with 16 (20 years ago letter appeared be an offer cancel debt if paid them $22.75. HOWEVER actual wording is amount debt is $113.77 and will accept $22.75 so, no MENTION canceling debt, but implication is there because many collectors current debt offer settle percentage.

Tumblr User's Weird Debt Notice Is Scary Money Lesson

Always read the whole letter.
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Woman shows up to pay deposit the day before her actual wedding. | r/TalesFromTheFrontDesk Join u/leamornor 1y Women turns up pay her wedding don't have diary. Her wedding is tomorrow. Medium large part my job is answering phones and dealing with people who want hire our large function room our town our room is one very few places available hold wedding receptions, birthday parties etc.

Woman Shows Up To Pay Deposit Day Before Wedding

Not the way to plan out a wedding.
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Woman ends up taking a pro revenge on an evil bank | No changes can be made without account holder Malicious Complaince thought this belonged here and power-tripping mod over there decided remove original post after breaking his own commenting rules and getting called out recent story reminded this act malicious compliance by family member. This family member's spouse passed involved an accident left them critically injured. They were ICU months and would face permanent disability upon

Woman Takes Revenge On Evil Bank

That bank was heartless.
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A British millennial's rant about how much the economy has changed | MILLENNIAL RANT, BE WARNED 1982 average weekly wage 157 With average rent being £11.50 Rent vs income 7.32% Today, average weekly wage £504 With average rent being £868 Rent vs income 43% This being mostly down destruction social housing 1980s and ever increasing private housing sector. But 's not my gripe today (which its self is infuriating My issue is average price is standard 2 bed flat increases hugely if want another

A Millennial's Rant About State Of The World

Man, it's bleak.
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Stories of terrible financial decisions | vwh808 1.1k points 18 hours ago S 1 client who joined an MLM and racked up half million dollars worth losses before finally listening us and quitting. 2 client who spent $40k on Farmville over 3 months. 3 clients who give their adult children allowances exceed my salary, fancy cars, and houses without expecting them ever hold down job themselves.

Extremely Bad Financial Decisions Clients Made

How hard is it to keep a bunch of money?
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A Twitter thread from an economist about money and people's psyches | Daryl Fairweather @FairweatherPhD One weird perks about being an economist is acquaintances often want tell their investment strategies, and then conversation weirdly turns into deep dive into acquaintance's psyche (thread (1/7))

Twitter Thread: Economist Explains People's Investment Strategies

Humans are fascinating creatures.
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A collection of times that people were incredibly cheap and entitled | Ugh enjoying opportunity launch my own kayak and not have pay anything fee using one's own equipment is too high! 1 mo Like Reply More GREENSBORO CY LAKES Author 's $6 use own boat can also purchase an annual permit use lakes. 3 wks Like Reply More

Entitled Moochers With Daunting Levels Of Entitlement

Enough is enough.
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Tumblr thread provides info on financial assistance for disabled people | stealthpenguingamergirl S naikoru Follow marauders4evr Follow Abled Person: Hey man, can hold this wad 2,000 and this one penny while open my wallet? Disabled Person COMPLETE AND UTTER FOOL United States Government:

Educational Tumblr Thread On Financial Assistance For Disabled People

The system sounds like a mess.
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Guy explains the stock market crash like he's talking to a five-year-old | Someone explain Stock Market, Wall Street Dow, and Nasdaq. But do like l'm 5 year old. They don't teach this teacher school. O Like Comment will attempt this 5h Like Reply Okay, so imagine have lemonade stand managed generate bunch interest lemonade, but want more open one on Birch street 4h Like Reply

Guy Explains Stock Market In Simple Terms

Explained so that a five-year-old could understand it.
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People describe their craziest encounters with rich kid syndrome | steve--sloth 1y Gf family is wealthy, she's working her way But, she waiting get chance promotion and words cannot believe anyone would make somebody work almost year get promotion" came out her mouth. And laughed.

AskReddit Thread: People's Craziest Rich Kid Syndrome Encounters

Some people really need a wakeup call.
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People describe the weirdest things they ever did for money | suicidalgrunty 2d 7th grade kid told if could learn move my fingers certain way he would pay 20. Took 2 days practicing my closet and did but never got money. Now show people this weird thing can do. Basically move pointer fingers, pointing at each other, around each other circle. But instead both moving forward, one moves towards and other moves away 95 people l've shown this can't do .

Weirdest Things People Did For Money

Money inspires all kinds of insanity.
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Man tries to control his girlfriend's money, and asks people on Reddit whether that was wrong | r/AmltheAsshole JOIN u/SuccessfulQuail1 11h AITA trying control" my gf's money 29, hate debt s nothing but weight around ankles keep moving ahead with life lucky enough get scholarships most college, and paid off loans did have get ASAP did go ahead and buy new car increased safety features, but only have few thousand left on loan, because again, aggressive paying off just bought house because mortgag

Man Tries To Control Girlfriend's Money

Quite the pickle.
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visualizing jeff bezos amazon rich wealth using rice

Dude Uses Rice To Show How Rich Jeff Bezos Is

This guy didn't waste any time.
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