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Wife Roasted For Telling Husband to Deal With Her Mother's Backhanded Comments

This wife took to the internet to see if she was in the wrong for telling her husband to deal with her mother's comments towards him and “hash things out” with her. The wife notes that her mother “is the one who usually starts” but that her husband “also escalates (sic) and refuses to let it go." Essentially, her mother is bullying her husband while he is vulnerable and trying to maintain peace at family events, and this wife is doing nothing to stand up for him. Reddit users on Reddit's r/AITA…
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Dad Kicks Escort Sister Out After She Glorifies Her Profession to His Teen Daughter, Posts Heartwarming Update

Scroll on for screenshots of the full story and the reader’s reactions.
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husband secretly tries to bring mom on trip

Husband Secretly Books His Mom On Husband/Wife Vacation, Wife Nopes Out Of Trip

That's all bad.
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Stepmother Demands Apology After 'Sea World' Standoff, Tells Stepdaughter She's Not a Part of "The Real Family"

She's the one who needs to apologize
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Family Demands Sibling Give Money to Habitually Pregnant Sister, Threaten With Disownment

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Aunt Planning Wedding Supports Non-Binary Nibling, Draws Ire of Their Parents

A soon-to-be auntie stood up for her non-binary nibling's best interest when she told them that she did not expect them to wear a dress to her wedding. With a streak of empathy that the parents themselves lack, she was able to see how uncomfortable the prospect of wearing a dress was making her future nibling. The parents are angry and demand that she changes her stance, but she is fairly sure that what she is doing is the right thing. I mean, all other ethical justifications aside… It's her we…
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Bad-Tempered Girlfriend Starts Schism in Family, Protected By Passive Parents

This manipulative girlfriend did everything she possibly could to keep her boyfriend away from his family. She started fights with her partner's brother and his wife and tried to force other members of the family to pick a side. Her boyfriend's parents were too passive to do anything about it but this brother has had enough and is determined for everyone to know the truth. This thread was posted to r/AITA (Am I the A-Hole) by the brother, u/Altruistic_Rabbit_21, who is wondering if he has taken…
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Bad Grandma Banned For Weight-Shaming Ten-Year-Old

This Grandmother was banned from seeing her grandkids after the child's father discovered she had been shaming their ten-year-old about her weight. The thread was posted to Reddit's r/AITA (Am I the A-Hole) subreddit by the father, u/Superduppppy. We were recently discussing the “benevolent grandparent” and how it's easy, for those who were fortunate to have them, to assume that that's just how all grandparents are. It's always saddening to see stories such as this, where a grandchild is being…
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Guy Hooks Up With Dead Brother's Fiancée, Family Loses It, He Demands Apology

This is one of those rare moments that I can't entirely agree with the hive mind of Reddit. Reddit seems to predominately think that the OP's relationship with his dead brother's fiancée is all sunshine and rainbows… But I can see where the family would find the entire situation to be deeply problematic and I can, thus, see where the family is coming from. Have they reacted to the situation maturely and reasonably? Absolutely not. So, while there's a reasonable foundation for them taking issue……
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Insane Family Thinks Being Gay is Worse Than Cheating With Married Man

When this brother found his partner on the other end of his sister's cruel and bigoted remarks he found himself forced to respond in kind. The sister approached her brother's partner when he was alone and told him that “You’re so sweet, I hope God forgives you.” Which was intended to be a thinly-veiled homophobic comment regarding her beliefs.
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Story Update: Kleptomaniac Nephew Steals $4k Engagement Ring, Parents Refuse to Intervene, Ring Recovered Regardless

This guy saved up for a year for a $4k engagement ring for his girlfriend, hoping to take the next step with her. He could not have possibly anticipated what would happen to that ring when he accepted his brother's family into his home after his brother lost his job. This thread was posted to Reddit's r/AITA (Am I the A--Hole) subreddit by the owner of the ring. He posted the subject to appeal to readers and gauge whether or not he was in the wrong for kicking his brother's family out after his…
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Parents Threaten to Kick Daughter Out to Exercise Control, So She Takes Matters Into Her Own Hands

Sometimes you have to make the hard choice in order to improve your future life.
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Deranged Mother-In-Law Announces Couple's Pregnancy On Facebook Before They've Told Anyone, Refuses to Delete It

Someone is losing "grandparent privileges"
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Dad Mad When Son Tells Dad's Wife They Don't Speak Because His Mother Died in Childbirth

Well, if it isn't the consequence of my own actions!
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Pious Sister Tries to Shame "Slutty" Sister at Party, "Slutty" Sister Claps Back, Reveals Infidelity

This woman became the target of her pious sister's cruel remarks at the pious sister's birthday party. The woman and her sister had long been at odds due to differences in values and the sister's resulting righteousness. See, the pious sister was a virgin and very proud of that fact. She and her boyfriend were waiting until marriage to have sex… Or so she thought. This story was posted to the r/AmItheA**hole subreddit by the woman, u/Swimming-Bird5149, or “Slutty Sister” in the story. She has p…
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guy brings up brother's affair in wedding speech

Brother Stands Up For Cheated On Ex, Demolishes Brother In Wedding Speech

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