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'I WANT IT FOR THIS PRICE!': Entitled Karen gets epically put in her place after grocery store manager reads word-for-word the definition of a "unit price"

It's not easy working in customer service and don't let anyone trick into thinking it is. The actual work is not hard, anyone can learn it. But dealing with the customers… That takes skill! Especially when it comes to dealing with entitled Karen customers . This is the kind of customer who marches into the place like they are the king or queen or rules over it and then asks for the impossible and throws a tantrum when they can't get it. For example, a person on Reddit shared a story of an entit…
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21 of the YeeHawest Memes of the Week for All You Funny Cowboys and Cowgirls Out There (March 17, 2023)

Grab you 10-gallon hat, slide into them boots, clasp that big ‘ol shiny buckles and let’s get rootin' tootin', because it's that time of the week again! It's time to kick off your weekend with some yeehawin' memes. You ain't gotta be a cowboy or cowgirl to appreciate the humor in this crop of memes, but if you do find yourself doing some cowboyin' then you might find these extra funny. Us hardworking folk all deserve a good barrel of extra hearty laughs. We're like the rodeo star of the interne…
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30 of the YeeHawest Memes of the Week for All You Funny Cowboys and Cowgirls Out There

If you can't handle us at our rootinest, then you don't deserve us at our tootinest.
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'Today at the airport a Karen tried to recruit me into being a Karen with her and I was not having it' : Airline passenger delivers epic one-liner that shuts down Karen trying to throw a tantrum

Wow. Just wow. This was an amazing one-liner that this person hit a Karen with—and it actually worked! There is nothing worse than someone being a total jerk to everyone around them, and then they turn to you like you two are friends and they try to get you onto their side, as if you look like someone who would understand them. Like, what? No, no, no! We are not together . There is a big difference between you and a Karen and that is that a Karen is an entitled immature a-hole who has zero gras…
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'LOL or what? They're gonna fire you?': Neglectful Management Triples Employee's Workload During Her Last 2-Weeks After Forcing Her to Resign via Email, She Epically Refuses

'LOL or what? They're gonna fire you?': Neglectful Management Triples Employee's Workload During Her Last 2-Weeks After Forcing Her to Resign via Email, She Epically Refuses

Sometimes the amount of audacity upper management has is unbelievably astronomical. Like, how is that even possible? Welcome to the world of *~capitalism~*. It's not like the old days anymore, however, where people took the abuse of their managers and bosses because they needed to put food on the table for their family of 10. No. Now we are choosing uncertainty and peace over abuse and security. For instance, one woman on Reddit recently posted asking if she should put any extra effort into her…
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Funniest Yeehaw Memes Fresh From This Week for Cowboys and Cowgirls Who Need a Good Hootin' and Hollerin' (February 24, 2023)

Cowboy philosophy is laughing to yeehaw memes while you're rootin' and tootin' along.
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50+ Random Memes to Enhance Your Existence on This Mortal Plane

In scheduling out our Facebook page, I go through a lot of memes — it's just kind of the nature of the job. Throughout the course of this delicate and precise selection process, there are dozens of memes that don't make the cut; these are the ones that did. This selection, a heaping helping of 50+ memes, are those that we have posted to our section's Facebook page. Consider this a spiritual successor to last year's “Most Memes of the Week” series, which I made the executive decision to disconti…
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23 Facebook Fails That Will Kill Your Faith In Humanity

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31 Flavors but Not That One...

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Important Life Events

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Failbook: The Dark Yeast Rises

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