“Please update your emergency contact information.” I don’t work there anymore. Please do not call me if there’s an emergency.

Worker Gets Aggressive Call From Employer Asking to Verify Emergency Callout Contact Details, Hasn't Worked There For 8 Years

"We've been trying to reach you about your car's extended warranty."
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Horrible Bosses revenge employer workplace - 15922181

Employee Goes Nuclear and Lists Employers Business Details Online When He Is Fired For Being Injured In A Car Accident, The Internet Posts 1-Star Reviews

The internet extracts justice!
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Blue collar workers tell unspoken truths about their work

"Respect to Those That Understand": Viral TikTok About Blue Collar Life Has Commenters Getting Deep

The unspoken truths about this lifestyle.
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Viral TikTok has people talking about what their job has given them instead of a raise.

"What Has Your Job Given You Instead of a Raise?" Viral TikTok Has Fed-Up Employees Sharing Their Ridiculous Raise Replacements

You want a raise? How about a pizza party instead. Nothing is more frustrating than when you work your butt off, you go above and beyond for your job , and your reward is nowhere near worth all of the effort you put in. TikTok creator @domer0421 posted a video asking what ridiculous thing everyone got instead of a raise and it instantly started trending and going viral with responses. Yes, lots of people have unfortunately gotten pizza parties at their workplace instead of better pay, but also…
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awful employers and bad jobs twitter thread

Twitter Thread: People's Job-Search Nightmares And Unreasonable Bosses

It's wild out there.
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employee gets fired and asked to finish job, refuses on NDA grounds

Employee Gets Fired And Then Asked To Finish Job, Says It Violates Their NDA

Check and mate.
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Job offers 20 dollars and hour and pays 10, calling it a typo

Job Offers $20 An Hour, Pays $10, Tries To Call It A Typo

Oh that's upsetting.
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Employees describe the most corrupt things that they've ever witnessed their bosses do.

Most Corrupt Things Employees Have Witnessed Their Bosses Do

Some people really should never be put in positions of power.
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bosses share bad job applications

20 Unimpressed Employers Share The Worst CV Fails They've Ever Seen

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jobs in high demand

20 Employers Reveal The Jobs That Are Hard To Fill

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how to stand out when applying to a job

20 Employers Share What Makes People Stand Out The Most

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