In Case of Emergency, Panic!

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Matters of Incredible Urgency

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When a Man Suffered a Heart Attack, Paramedics Helped Him Out in More Ways Than One

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In Case of Emergency, Time is of the Essence

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911? Nah, Facebook Can Handle This.

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Facebook, WebMD, 911, What's the Difference?

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If It's a Real Emergency, Adrenaline Will Power You Through

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Emergency Drills Are Hard in This Office

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Is There a Doctor in the House?

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"Sirens and Lights, Pull to the Right, but Like Only if You're Feeling it, Bro"

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The Only Emergency Contact You Need

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This 5-Year-Old Made the Cutest AND Most Heroic 911 Call at the Same Time

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Can We Get a Designated Stander?

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Most People Think that Emergency Numbers are for Emergencies. These are Not Those People.

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She Still Had Enough Time to Tweet It

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