Just Run for the Stairs and Yell "FIRE!"

alarm emergency fire in case of fire fire alarm - 6930265344
Created by DashieSpeed

Emergency Camp Fire WIN

marshmallows emergency camping - 6761353728
Created by Unknown

Best Heed This Warning

emergency seal - 6715082496
Created by Unknown

Emergency Exit FAIL

door emergency blocked safety exit - 6676790272
Created by Jamic77

Emergency Preparation FAIL

school emergency fire extinguisher genius - 6659855872
Created by Unknown

Emergency FAIL

fire alarm out of order emergency sign - 6640388352
Created by Unknown

The Unsung Hero

car emergency hero stranger - 6506684416
Created by Unknown

Autocorrect Will Kill EVERYONE

autocorrected emergency texting - 6322285824
Created by Unknown

Emergency Stash WIN

chocolate emergency food - 6157671424
Created by Unknown
BAMF emergency fire firefighter Video - 35798273

Drag Firefighters WIN

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Hacked IR-CPR

cpr doodle emergency hacked instructions - 5967825152
Via Sofa Pizza

Emergency WIN

emergency pet pets sign - 5913452288
Created by Leesha

Hacked IRL: Who Doesn't Like Free Stuff?

button elevator emergency free free stuff hacked irl push the button - 5911762176
Created by Unknown

But Who Was Phony?

emergency fake phone - 5850313472
Created by Unknown

Emergency Emergency

emergency oh England tax dollars at work - 5848322560
Created by Steve Martin

More Effective Than Yelling

emergency help toilet paper - 5803389952
Created by Unknown