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IT Head Steals Coveted Email Address, Can't Handle Responsibility, Gets Canned

Ya can't have it all.
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Boss demands employee checks emails on day off, so employee counts it on time sheet | r/MaliciousCompliance Posted by u/OtherLtDan 19 days ago O 2 11 e14 3 18 E 11 2 Must check my work email every single day? Ok! oc S So working small private ambulance company ended up getting bought out by larger corporation folks have done this kind work, no wasn't company thinking but this new corporation wanted be just like them.

Boss Demands Daily Email Check, Employee Puts It On Time Sheet

Cosmically speaking, anything could go on a time sheet.
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email work memes

Work Email Memes For Those Who Are Never Found Well

As per my last breakdown.
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Music email funk lol goofy scam funny weird - 107511041

Musician Turns Scam Email Into Funk Opera

Honestly it's the only acceptable way to respond.
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funny story woman demands an exabyte of email data storage

Angry Lady Demands One Billion GB Of Email Storage

That is a whole lot of cat pictures.
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Client demands to have all spam sent to his email | r/MaliciousCompliance Posted by TheNerdyMupton want every email addressed arrive at inbox got pal. Just happened, my bosses and are still laughing are small company manage quite few clients

Client Demands Unblocked Spam Filter, Regrets His Decision

Some people don't listen.
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Business owner breaks his arm and tries dealing with a belligerent customer | Hi unfortunately won't be able build unit by 12th Jan have fracture my second favourite arm. There's couple guys do good work can arrange something with if like. Cheers Hi is this joke not sure whether being serious or not. As discussed this 40th birthday. Hi unfortunately no joke mate fractured playing football over weekend already discussed project with and and they can do by set date same

Client Refuses to Understand What Broken Arm Entails

They've almost got it.
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Funny honest business owner declines stupid offer | rest is up guys impress enough l'll go with winner gets business and all exposure comes with an exciting new start up company already has 1k followers on social media. Good luck!  Hi No. Good luck Hi Well 's definitely lost opportunity on behalf may ask why though?

Startup Tries to Get Business to Compete for Bad Job, Soundly Denied

This level of brutal honesty is refreshing.
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stranger keeps using person's email address so they keep changing the shipping information | r/AmItheAsshole Posted by u/treeonreddit 19 hours ago AITA changing package pickup each time someone uses my email orders? Not hole So pretty much, there's this guy who keeps ordering things with my email. He isn't using any other personal information mine so don't think 's privacy concern. So back point will occasionally get emails random websites about an order confirmation never heard most those websi

Lazy Stranger Keeps Using Wrong Email, Gets Petty Revenge'd

He could just proofread his own email address but noooo.
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An entitled lady wants a lamb for free | Hello s l've just got know general secretary Newwave STS NGO put up request last week about changing free food menu. No ine likes eat fish everyday. Also please buy new blueberry extract sanatizer lon sanitizer is just pathetic. My husband doesn't like smell

Entitled Lady Wants Lamb For Free

No reasoning with this entitlement.
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Landlord threatens guy with an eviction, so he goes full Karen mode in his response | Jesse Case O @jessecase Ooooh my landlord just threatened evict if don't pay this next month pre- emptive weird threat after my check is already mail and evictions are suspended anyway about get Karen as fuck an e-mail. This will be full Karen. FULL. KAREN.

Landlord Threatens Guy With Eviction, He Goes Full Karen

Job well done.
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Boss forbids people discussing salaries and threatens to fire those who ask for raises | lieu an all store meeting 8:46 AM wanted have face face meeting with everyone regarding this, but schedules just don't allow s important enough get this information everyone clarity. Just have been hearing some noise and want make sure everyone understands and is on same page If have ANY issue/question regards salary/incentives/benefits there are 2 people can speak with is an understood rule within workplace

Employee Asks For Raise, Company Forbids Employees from Discussing Pay

Yeah this is kinda illegal.
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People on Twitter share their most embarrassing work emails | tweet by Some Organised Chaos @ChaosSome Replying mo87mo87 My manager pointed out after 3 years my working there had spelt 'library' as 'libary my email signature

Work Email Fails That Haunt People At Night

Taking a second look at that work email can spare one so much trouble.
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A collection of Twitter users share odd ways to end an email.

Twitter Users Share Odd Ways To End An Email

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Rude customer abuses admin assistant, so the owner steps in.

Abusive Customer Refuses To Pay Deposit and Demands to Speak To Owner On Bereavement Leave, Gets Slammed

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beating the healthcare system

Guy Beats BS Healthcare Bureaucracy by Sending 300+ Emails

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