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Funny Texts That Caught People Off Guard

So what exactly is a para-social relationship? Urban Dictionary might describe it as a sex move that involves an entire parachute. But really it has to do with convincing yourself that you actually have a personal relationship with a celebrity or bit of mass media that has no idea you exist. Sort of like this interaction right now, but not really. Because that would imply that you actually like us, which is not a terrifically solid claim. Where this might apply here is that when we read other p…
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out of touch people

People Who Were Wildly Out Of Touch With Reality

Are you serious.
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twitter thread on abstract yankee candle smells

Twitter Thread: The Abstractions Of Yankee Candle Smells

When a smell becomes an idea, then a feeling.
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The smallest and stupidest things people get offended by | dowhatchafeel 16.3k points 23 hours ago Someone just doing their job No can't use coupon 's been expired since 1971 can't believe rude cashier walrus_kitten 4.1k points 20 hours ago 3 Worked clothing store would send $10 off $25 coupons occasionally obvious reasons can only use them once, so were told rip them up and throw them away after scanning them anger would fill old ladies' faces ripped coupon half and threw garbage after scanning

Dumbest Things People Get Upset Over

"How dare you not let me break the rules."
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funny dumb spelling fails | been trying new ways relax. Currently into essential oil diffusers and incest | can always come hold till leave, even though l'll be coma toast like two seconds Coma toast hahahaha killed haha Why hahaha Coma toast hahahahaha Did spell right Comatose OH GOD MY LIFE IS LIE

Spelling Fails That Left Us Emotionally Robbed

Why does it have to be like this.
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stupid funny facepalm moments | These guys locked their keys an armoured truck | grabbed this bullshit ass chorizo made soy thought saying am chorizo spanish Since 1973 Cacique. SOY CHORIZO Vegetarian EXTRA LARGE

Facepalm Moments from Humanity's Beacons Of Stupid

Great job everyone.
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basic computer knowledge people didn't understand

The Worst Moments of Basic Technological Illiteracy People Witnessed

It gets bad.
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Car Memes To Look At While Driving

We can't advocate driving while on your phone, but also if that's something you decide to do on your own, we can't do anything about it. So for the purposes of this situation, we meant that figuratively. Many of us spend a few hours a day in our cars and wish we didn't have to. That said, many of us have cars that are nicer than our homes themselves, so the prospect of sitting in a comfortable chair while going fast and listening to music isn't so bad. Here are some dumb drivers who deserve amp…
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Idiot In SUV "Successfully" Makes It Down Stairs

To be honest, it's always been a little tempting while driving to see if you could make it down a set of stairs. But it's not exactly a thing most of us would want to risk with our own cars and/or stairs. Luckily this smooth-brain ventured on to find out for the rest of us that, yeah, it's possible, but no, it's not advisable. Now the real challenge is seeing if they can make it back up.
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Entitled people and their demands

Entitled People and Their Uproarious Demands

What humble rays of sunshine.
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funny obvious plant products

Delightfully Stupid Obvious Plant Products To Doubletake At

Oh nice, goat internet?
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tumblr gems and tweets

Funny Tweets And Tumblr Gems To Bust Up The Monotony

Because why should we be forced to hear our own thoughts.
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Lord Of The Rings Memes That Show The Meaning Of Wasting Time

Sometimes life gets to a point when all you can really do is pour yourself into the world of fantasy. And in the case of Lord of The Rings, that world is so rich, terrific and well cast that “sometimes” becomes more and more like “all the times.” Now speak friend and enjoy these lord of the rings memes that shall definitely pass.
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indicators that someone is stupid

Red Flags That Indicate A Person Is Straight Up Dumb

"I am in this image and I do not like it."
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technically accurate memes

Technically Accurate Moments That Are Basically Right

Yeah, okay sure.
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Guy calls tech support over a password problem, and then the fail only escalates from there.

Guy Calls Tech Support Over Password Problem, The Fail Escalates

You've got to be kidding me.
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