you had one job fails

"You Had One Job" Moments That People Neatly Screwed Up

Thanks for that.
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customer service manager malicious compliance customers dumb idiots funny - 16397829

Clueless Company Refuses to Let Customer Keep Incorrect Pool Table, Would Rather Spend $2800 Shipping Instead of Credit the $200

Sounds like a solid business decision.
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funny and stupid dad jokes | SOME PEOPLE HAVE GINGER BREAD HOUSES HAVE PIZZA HUT | kid doing swallowed those coins? No change yet.

25 Dad Jokes That Are Dangerously Dadly

It's the dadliest catch.
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funny tumblr gems

Tumblr Gems To Chortle At With Merriment

Chortle away!
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stories of how people got banned from and kicked out of places

People Tell The Stories Of How They Got Banned From Places

Sometimes it wasn't their fault. Sometimes.
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stupid things people said

The Dumbest Things People Heard Out Of Another Person's Mouth

Why are people like this.
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funny stupid kids

Dumb Times Kids Proved That They're Strange Creatures

Well, they're the future anyway.
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funny bad two sentence horror stories

Bad Two Sentence Horror Stories That Are Chillingly Stupid

What a twist.
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funny stupid jokes people do to annoy their partner

People's Favorite Bits To Annoy Their Spouse

Love is about commitment. Commitment to the bit.
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customer demands his meal weighed and gets less meat

Customer Demands Kilo of Meat To Be Weighed, Gets Less Meat

He flew too close to the sun.
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stories of people's stupidest injuries

The Stupidest Injuries People Have Sustained

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houseguest takes what she thinks is pregnancy test, announces pregnancy and is wrong about it

Woman Steals What She Thinks Is Pregnancy Test, Announces Pregnancy, Is Wrong

Filed under "whoops."
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ridiculous and stupid life pro tips

Bad Life Pro Tips To Really Jack Up One's Game

Don't do these.
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entitled people and their demands

Entitled People Who Made The World Their Big Stupid Oyster

C'mon guys.
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stupid masculinity questions

Absurd Reasons Men Had Their Masculinity Questioned

Fellas, is it wrong to wear sunscreen?
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stupid people who didn't understand jokes

25 Chowder Heads Who Seriously Didn't Get Jokes

There's one in every group.
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