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Flashback Fail: Man's Dog Cases Deer, Hilarity Ensues

Where you off to, Fenton?
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A quick and funny Twitter thread about an adorable dog that looks like a rug.

Quick Twitter Thread Honors Absolutely Adorable Dog

Legit looks just like the rug.
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Video of a husky beginning to howl and ending up screaming.

Husky Does Himself a Scream

And what a scream.
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cats, dogs and birds who destroyed people's things

Animals Who Shamelessly Wrecked Stuff

What are you? Some kind of animal?
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funny ad for horrible chihuahua adoption

Woman Posts Ad For Prancer, The Most Irredeemable Dog

What more is there to say?
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Spoiled Teen Golden Retriever Doesn't Want To Leave Room

What an actual good boy though.
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Funny dogs sleeping in awkward positions | funny dog sleeping behind the toilet with its face resting on a pipe. cute white puppy sleeping on its belly spread eagle legs outstretched on the floor

Sleeping Dogs In Silly Positions

These dogs are tired.
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Alexa Clarifies Smartest Breed Of Dog, Dog Isn't Ready

Ruff timing.
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A Twitter thread about Grinch the dog | want tell story about Grinch. Blair Braverman 206 27 2.992 6.136 Blair Braverman 11. Okt. 2018 This is Grinch.

Twitter Thread: Grinch Is The World's Goodest Boy

Grinch has the biggest heart of them all.
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A wholesome Tumblr post about a dog that would herd a lawn Roomba. | gallusrostromegalus So one my neighbors has lawn Roomba or whatever they're called, and this thing trundles around looking like background robot background original trilogy, and ABSOLUTELY BAFFLING DOGS. They have concluded think s some kind prey animal because right after this video ended they decided crouch down and stalk which means 90% sure l'm going have stop Arwen eating at some point.

Tumblr Story: Motivated Dog Ends Up Herding Lawn Roomba

Dogs will end up herding just about anything.
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dog fakes leg injury and gets taken to the vet

Dog Mimics Owner Who Injured Foot, Avoidable Vet Fees Ensue

Loyalty right there.
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A funny Twitter exchange with the WeRateDogs account. | Brant @brant 47m @dog_rates rating system sucks. Just change name CuteDogs WeRateDogsTM @dog_rates @brant Why are so mad Bront 43m 2 Brant @brant 42m @dog_rates well give every dog 11s and 12s doesn't even make any sense. WeRateDogsTM @dog_rates @brant they're good dogs Brent 9/12/16, 2:05 PM 5 LIKES

WeRateDogs Twitter Exchange Comes Full Circle

A true fairytale ending.
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Woman tells hilarious story about a Pomeranian dog in funny Twitter thread | Text - Merry Priest (rhymes with Cherie Priest) @cmpriest Things overheard whilst a zippy Pomeranian named "Chunk" escaped his yard and chased after me while I walked Greyson and Lucy this morning. A thread:

Woman On Twitter Tells Hilarious Story Of Runaway Pomeranian

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An entitled Karen demands that another lady sell her her service dog | saw service dog on page. He's soooo cute. Hi, thank very much! O much him think might be confusing someone else, my dog is not sale

Entitled Karen Wants Lady's Service Dog, Reality Check Ensues

The dog is not for sale, Karen.
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dog gets pregnant and owner demands child support | Posted by u/juhjbft 1 day ago 2 3 2 2 8 3 AITA not paying my neighbor's dog's "child support Yes read right Not hole This story is going sound ridiculous, especially with story yesterday about dogs cheating but assure this isn't shitpost My neighbor's dog recently got pregnant and she claims my dog did which is likely because her dog often escaped into my yard and she lets her dog roam around s annoying cuz her dog shits my yard.

Negligent Neighbor Demands Dog Child Support

Is that a thing?
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dog howling singing along to flute playing

Dog Howls At Girl Playing The Flute

That's one way to show praise.
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