16 text based images thread on husband, wife wants to get rid of dog | thumbnail "ANameWithoutMeaning · 8d Partassipant [1] NTA. You say you'd rather keep the dog than your marriage, and I think that pretty much settles the issue. Also, if you do end up having to choose between one or the other, I am 99% certain the dog will be the better choice for you in the long run. You said that you might be the asshole because you're "expected to put [your] wife first."

Husband Tells Wife She Can't Get Rid Of The Dog, Gets Rid Of Her Instead

Peace out lady
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dogs with goofy and dumb haircuts

Dogs With Embarrassingly Laughable Haircuts

Oh no.
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10 reddit text based images | thumbnail reddit text "My fiancé was attacked by a golden retriever when he was 11. While it wasn't physically severe, it did affect him mentally and he had to go to therapy to be comfortable around dogs. He is now fine around all dogs but golden retrievers. Because of this, my sister always visits us without her dog. She's usually fine to go out if she is with our mum and doesn't want to bring the dog, this is what my sister says not me assuming."

Woman Chastised For Not Inviting Dog To Wedding, Family Threatens Not To Come

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repairman lets strange dog into customer's house

Repair Tech Lets Nice Dog Into Customer's House, Both Think It's The Other's Dog

Confidence can take you anywhere.
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The NYC subway bans dogs, so people step up with genius innovations.

NYC Bans Dogs In Subways, People Step Up With Ingenious Innovations

Seriously, brilliant work all around.
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funny scary dog looks like it has seen everything Twitter thread

Twitter Thread: The Dog That Looks Like It Has Seen Nightmares

Good boy?
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wholesome dogs awesome Video animals win the feels - 107438593

Guy Makes Floating Bed So Dog Can Go Fishing

So pleasantly wholesome.
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woman steals man's dog because it's wearing a muzzle

Mistaken Stranger Tries To Liberate Dude's Muzzled Dog

Oh boy.
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A funny Tumblr thread about a dog who learns proper dinner etiquette.

Tumblr Post: Dog Picks Up On Proper Dinner Etiquette

Dogs can be quite brilliant.
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funny cute dog shaming

Shamed Dogs And Their Unforgivable Crimes

You know what you did.
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dogs skills sports volleyball lol amazing animals - 107243521

Dog Is Dang Good At VolleyBall

Oh, he bounce.
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dogs awesome ridiculous Video animals win - 107207425

Rottweiler Picks Fight With German Shepard, German Shepard Silently Checks Rottweiler

God dang.
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dogs entertainment ridiculous mastiff funny Video animals - 107156993

Mastiff Competes On Agility Course, Leaves It All Out There

This is too adorable for words.
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humor dogs ridiculous funny Video animals - 107064065

Dog Talks His Way Right Into A Treat

Quite the wordsmith on our hands here.
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humor dogs ridiculous funny Video animals - 106982657

Pit Bull Relentlessly Annoys Gopher

This is an actual treasure.
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A funny Twitter thread about the sequel to The Dalmatians.

Twitter Thread: The Wild Sequel To "One Hundred And One Dalmatians"

Pretty dang wild.
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