The Saddest Refund

can't handle them condoms need a refund
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Goes Without Saying

awesome co-workers not basic instructions bathroom cubicle fail cubicle rage depressing dickhead co-workers disgusting fridge politics gross lazy mess office kitchen paper signs pee piss pissing everywhere plea please Sad savages screw you signage ugh water cooler wiseass - 3543740160
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Crappy Chair

bathroom boredom chair creativity in the workplace cubicle boredom cubicle prank depressing efficient ergonomics gross hardware ingenuity prank Sad sculpture toilet wiseass work smarter not harder - 3454177280
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Might As Well Stay in Academia

Don't get a liberal arts degree
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Young Staplesnipper Has EVOLVED!

art boredom cartoons cartoon eyes creativity in the workplace cubicle boredom cute decoration depressing hardware Sad sculpture staple remover stapler - 3526669568
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I Can't Exactly Spit Outside, Can I?

awesome co-workers not basic instructions busted depressing dickhead co-workers elevator gnar gross lazy mess nasty paper signs rude Sad screw you signage spit stupid - 3745598720
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Excel At Making Videogame Characters

basic instructions bathroom boredom busted clever creativity in the workplace cubicle boredom cubicle fail cubicle prank depressing dickhead co-workers dickheads ergonomics excel ingenuity mega man mess paper signs rage Sad sass screw you spreadsheet tragedy video games wasteful wiseass - 3421181440
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So Close to the Romance You Can Taste It

love life for the guy in blue
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You Can't Believe Everything You Read

in this case, your girlfriend is cheating on you
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It's Time to Play Online Dating Bingo!

I just filled in all the bingo boxes
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Speed Dating Is Disheartening

speed dating with an odd number of people

The Sadness Is Palpable

spilling beer is the most depressing thing
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How Relationships Really End

it always ends in 2001 a space odyssey
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Me too, Jenny. Me too.

she's a cryer.
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Woman In Dubai Wants a Divorce Because Her Husband Can't Satisfy Her

He's not up for the challenge.
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A Depressing Reason to Buy a Yearbook

32 years old is a depressing age
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