The Master of Lonliness

Justin beiber is not having sex with you through a poster
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There Needs to Be a Word for This Type of Love

bus ladies are the sexiest
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Valentine's Is Less Fun When You're Married

You've already done the hard part. So, it's pretty much over.
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Thanks for Being Depressing, Sign

the calendar has a date every night
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depressing cupid love Valentines day - 68702721

Cupid Is Out of a Job

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You Can Never Escape Your Wife

how the hell did james cameron have cell service?
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Sorry Graduate Students

graduate school is a land of depression
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It's Funny Because it's True

Teachers should be paid as much as prostitutes
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Sometimes You Have to Run for Your Life

loving yourself will keep you alive
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Trust Me, You're Going to "Fale"

kid needs to learn how to spell fail
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Sad break up depressing the office TV boy meets world dating - 373509

9 TV Breakups That Are Simply Heart Wrenching

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Really Sums Up Calculus

how to do math, cry
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Dreaming Leads to Harsh Reality

richard dawkins has his genome mapped
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7 Signs You Shouldn't Be Together

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But Their Love Ends Rather Gruesomely

Sad depressing funny g rated dating - 8425990400
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He Rang in the New Year Like a Professional 3rd Wheel

Sad depressing kissing funny - 8417014784
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