not fun facts

Unfun Facts to Quote at People Who Are Just Trying to Have a Good Time

"Uh, thanks for telling me."
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funny, relatable and sad work memes and jokes

Exhaustingly Relatable Memes and Jokes About Work

Just about sums it up.
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facts that are sad and dissappointing

Upsetting Facts That Aren't Gonna Help Anyone's Mood

Bummer alert.
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funny work memes | got deep rage burning inside but got act nice because at work cat smiling awkwardly

Work Memes to Hide from the Boss

"No, I am scrolling through emails."
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Employee tells an incredibly depressing story about daily life working in the office.

Soul-Crushing Story Captures Working In An Office

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Sad disappointed terrible depressing FAIL disaster strange cars mistakes lol funny - 7849221

29 Disappointing Moments That Crammed a Wrench in Good Times

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fail memes

19 Disappointing Times Life Was Relentless

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bad luck unlucky unfortunate pics

25 Moments That Ensured People Would Have a Bad Day

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funny tumblr

22 Tumblr Gifts To Cap Off Your Monday

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couples therapy fail

14 Harshly Unexpected Times Couple's Counseling Ruined Relationships

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Music depressing desert FAIL chilling technology coachella music festival selfie festival - 394246

Depressing Video of Coachella Shows Everyone Is Just on Their Phone

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Webcomics from of dark-humored and depressing Cyanide and Happiness.

31 Dark Humored Occasionally Depressing Comics From Cyanide and Happiness

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Sad depressing parody college humor dark humor facebook Video - 83232257

Everyone Knows That One Guy Who Only Posts Sad Stories On Facebook

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That Took a Weird Turn

depressing funny online dating wtf message - 8229319936
Via In the Air Not in the Sand

Instagram of the Day: Take the Most Depressing Tour of the World's Bleakest Places from Your Phone

Sadtopographies is the sad tour of the world's most depressing places.
Via sadtopographies

Deep Vending Machine

vending machine light has broken still works
Via matike
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