Karen mistakes student and bosses them around | post by Blgodwin just student Karen cleaning some kiln shelves off ceramics studio during open lab hours student and her mother came into kiln yard and overheard student say "oh my pieces didn't get fired Not my business just student and wrapping up my last personal firing semester few seconds later there is an aggressive, almost painful, tapping on my shoulder Why didn't her work get fired supposed be

Wild Karen Goes Off On Student, Gets Told Off By Lab Manager

He arrived just in time.
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Cashier makes mistake thinking customer's driver's license is fake, cuts it up

Cashier Cuts Up Customer's Valid Driver's License

Filed under "oops."
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customer claims to be allergic to milk but orders drink with cream

Customer Claims She Is Allergic To Milk, Orders Drink With Cream Instead

The customer is always...uh...
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employee is customer, boss demands they do work again

Boss Orders Work To Be Redone, Doesn't Realize Employee Is The Customer

"Sure, if you say so?"
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Client demands to have all spam sent to his email | r/MaliciousCompliance Posted by TheNerdyMupton want every email addressed arrive at inbox got pal. Just happened, my bosses and are still laughing are small company manage quite few clients

Client Demands Unblocked Spam Filter, Regrets His Decision

Some people don't listen.
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A bad customer mistakes another customer for an employee who accidentally uses sign language | r/IDontWorkHerelLady Posted by HCA2001 Karen Demands "Deaf" Man Help Her Gets Nice Helping Humble Pie Poster's Note Name Change

Karen Orders Around Random Guy Who She Thinks Is Deaf Employee

A wild Karen appeared!
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Parody Customer Support

Lady Asks Fake Customer Service Account for Help, Wonderful Trolling Ensues

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unreasonable customer asks for refund

Insane Customer Demands Refund for Her Own Vase She Ruined

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non-karen reasons that someone may have actually been right in asking to speak to the manager

19 Moronic Reasons Customers Demanded to See the Manager

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entitled customer gets called out

Restaurant Owner Lays Golden Truth Egg on Entitled Customer

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customer stories

16 Retail Workers Share Customers Most Ridiculous Schemes to Get Refunds

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wendys twitter

Wendy's Grills Unsatisfied Customer to Such an Extent, He Goes and Deletes His Twitter Account

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footage customer funny - 54695937

Like a Boss of the Day: Belligerent Customer Gets a Free Ride Out of the Store

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The Giving Tree Meets The Business World

business customer manager programmer tree - 5917550080
By Unknown

WIN!: Serving All Customers WIN

book store business clever customer g rated Hall of Fame high library fetish reading is sexy shelf tall win - 5766499840
Via Smishery

WIN!: Customer Reviews WIN

customer g rated movie theater review what win yelp - 5700869120
By Ravael (Via
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