Person pumping gas shoots it at potential robbers, makes them flee

Robbery Thwarted By Quick-Thinking Gasoline Shooter

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attempted thief gets hit with brick that he throws at car after it bounces off the window

Attempted Car Thief Gets Taste of Bouncing Brick

Instant Carma.
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really bad business practices

The Worst Business Practices People Have Seen

What a bold strategy.
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funny cringeworthy and bad trashy moments | did miss hearing about this until now Winter wonderland event at Noarlunga costing $30+ per head enter can't stop laughing | car taking up parked in the middle of two handicap parking spots

Trash-tacular Moments of Garbage Behavior

Sometimes the world doesn't meet our bare expectations.
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street smarts tips | datacollect_ct 28.4k points 1 day ago 7 5 3 3 3 E If are any sort confrontation and someone balls their fist and looks away second, or even just looks away second should be prepared possibility sucker punch.

Street Smarts Tips to Stay Safe Out There

It's a big world.
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weird crimes people and their families did | crashkg 34.4k points 22 hours ago 2 4 3 2 E 3 My Dad brought Banana tree US his home village Kerala. He literally walked through customs with tree pot his arms customs lady asked him he thinking and he just replied banana tree his mother's garden customs lady must have thought my dad crazy, but she just let him walk right through still have tree and 's offspring.

Weird Crimes People and Their Families Did

Don't do crime.
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A revenge story about crazy ex girlfriend that steals guy's truck, and paints it pink | r/ProRevenge Join u/360Entertainment Not Car, Lady! So this happened around 2008. My buddy Brock had gotten out military after 10 years. He'd started Marines but transitioned into Army last 4 years before buying house Texas he got out he did variety jobs before landing gig with Repo service. He worked there year and had lot wild stories but this one sticks out most as he helped fellow soldier get

Psycho Ex Steals Man's Truck, Kind Karen Saves The Day

Finally, a kind and heroic Karen.
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funny memes about law and crime | Hannibal Lecter in Silence of the Lambs standing in a cell Follow more recipes | fast this duck going bird sitting at the end of skid makrs

Memes of Crime and Punishment

Memes are the law.
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Guy tries to write his name with a tractor on a baseball field news video.

Guy Tries To Write His Name in Baseball Field With Tractor

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Askreddit where people describe their jobs as if they were crimes | decembertember 9.7k points 2 days ago drive fast and disregard rules road on my way break into peoples homes and cause immense water damage. Afterwards tear down their ceilings and drywall, and leave without cleaning anything up. Antwan_Valentino 3.4k points 2 days ago will never look at firefighters same

People's Jobs Described as Crimes

Somebody stop that...oh.
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Trashy moments | O FOX 11 LOS ANGELES Oregon man driving stolen vehicle crashes into woman driving another stolen car: police

Trashy Behavior That Broke Through The Garbagesphere

Sometimes people aren't on their A-game.
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Scary things that happened to people when home alone | Bobbiejo29 14.9k points 16 hours ago edited 9 hours ago like 14 home alone one night around 10pm stood my kitchen making some cereal s dark outside and then all sudden loudest sound. Some drunk woman literally launched hammer through my kitchen window so loud and glass everywhere followed her down street whilst calling police. Pretty strange.

Freaky Things That Happened to People Home Alone

The worst way to get a free hammer.
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Gross, criminal and WTF trashy moments | Ghanaian pastor bathes church, tells congregation drink bathwater anointing | person riding a bike with a traffic light over their shoulder

Trashy Moments Bursting with Garbage-ocity

Trashiness comes in many flavors.
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Guy who stole from store identified in same store | r/TalesFromRetail Posted by u/Doctor_Stonks 3 days ago Guy who stole $2,000 worth equipment our store comes back shop same day find out he looked like. Long Hey, all! First time posting on here, so here go work at relatively new grocery store small town Washington only been open around nine months now and our customer count has been going up recently, so gets bit harder keep track customers usually work as cashier most week on closing shift,

Thief Identified While Shopping at Store He Stole From

Ah yes, the idiot always returns to the scene of the crime.
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Askreddit stories of times when people were accused of something they didn't commit | PostItFrustrations 247 points 23 hours ago have lot these. But most ridiculous about 13 and got suspended getting fight on day home sick guess my friend got fight and they were so used finishing her fights they automatically assumed involved. And course my talking back gave detention wasn't reversed proved wasn't there.

People Who Were Accused of Crimes They Didn't Commit

It's hard to forget these moments, no matter how small.
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Horrible selfish moments of failure, cringe and trashiness | man in a park washing his dog in a drinking water fountain | truck with the windshield sprayed with I'M PREGNANT PREGNAT CALL ME

Trashy Moments That Stink Up The World

Trashiness can spring up from anywhere.
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