Cookies are life. Especially if you're Cookie Monster. Take a dip and a nice big bite of these delicious cookie puns and jokes.

guy takes advantage of rewards program

Dude's Stupid Cookie Loophole Becomes Real-Life Infinite Money Glitch

Take that, The System.
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customer service McDonald's ridiculous food fast food cookies - 2141702

McDonald's Worker Exposes Cookies Situation On TikTok

Say it ain't so.
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Tweets about a roommate who failed at making oatmeal cookies | Guys Named Ernie Bernie Ern4Bern LateNightNelly Everyone feel free roast my roommate who thought oatmeal cookies are just baked oatmeal burnt tray with chunks of dry oatmeal on it

Twitter Responds to Roommates Horrible Oatmeal "Cookies"

They look painful.
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diet milk internet judgement niece Oreos uncle vegan allergy sister asshole cookies - 8175109

Uncle Asks Internet If He's Wrong to Give His Vegan Niece Milk and Cookies

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family secrets twitter

19 Twitter Users Reveal Their Juiciest Family Secrets

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trashy twitter

Twitter Shares What Their Trashy Selves Used to Think Was Fancy

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holiday party trolling

14 Things You Can Bring to Your Holiday Work Party to Show Them You're Mentally Clocked Out

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cover image of a stone that looks like food, a frog that looks like ice cream

25 Things That Look Like Delicious Foods but Aren't

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items that look like food

25+ Items That Look like Delectable Food but Totally Aren't

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Sad cringey FAIL cringe text rejection relationships love cookies dating - 6883589

Cringey Guy Throws a Tantrum When He Gets Rejected

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Idiot Accidentally Emails NSFW Valentine's Day Cookies to His Whole W and Now No One is S

fail tweet valentine's day cookies
Via @casspa
twitter debate food cookies - 1645317

The Great Grocery Store Cookie Debate of 2017 Is the Twitter War We Deserve

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halloween DIY food Video win cookies - 83233281

If You Love Halloween Treats More Than Candy, These Deliciously Spoopy Recipes are For You

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About That Cookie Placement

accidental racism cookies kkk FAIL - 6828045312
Created by whateves421

Time to Burn Dessert Time With a Fire

fail image cookies with baked in spiders
Via ABC 7 Chicago
reviews FAIL list trolling cookies - 883205

This Oddly Shaped Cookie Cutter May Turn Your Bake Sale Into a Flop, but the Reviews Are Hilarious

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