Here's Why Pepsi Always Wins the Pepsi Challenge Against Coke, Even Though Pepsi Sucks

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TIL: Coke Once Spent a Butt-Ton of Money Filling Their Cans With Fart-Smelling Water

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Entrepreneurial Fisherman Finds 20 Kilos of Cocaine and Decides to Go Into the Drug Dealing Biz, Gets Caught

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Apparently, Bleach Can, Well, Bleach Coke

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Good For The Soul

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Throw Out Your Mentos + Diet Coke Rockets, and Try These Butane + Coke Turbo Rockets

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Thirsty? Why Not Open Your Coke With a Ping Pong Ball Shot?

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What Happens When You Mix Molten Lead and Soda?

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I Only Do The Good Stuff

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I Wish You Would Have Told Me Five Minutes Ago, Bruno

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The Drink That Makes You Feel GREAT

Just a bit of molly to make the world taste good
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The Evolution of Coke and Mentos We've Been Waiting for, and it All Goes Wrong

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A Lovely Little Sign

you have to keep your friends from doing drugs in your bathroom
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The Flask and the Press in Shanghai Has a Speakeasy Style Entrance Hidden in a Old Coke Machine.

flask and the press has a speakeasy entrance
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You Wanna Fight, Coke?

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The Greatest Evil WOULD Be Chock Full of Aspartame, Huh...

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