technically accurate moments that are clever

Technically Correct Moments That Are Literally Accurate

Well, there's some room for argument.
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funny clever memes that are technically correct

Technically Accurate Moments That Are Almost Stupid But Not Quite

It's not wrong.
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funny insults people said about themselves

25 Decimating Burns That People Hit Themselves With

One could call it humility, sort of.
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funny tweets and jokes from twitter

Funny Tweets To Quote At Parties In Lieu Of Having A Personality

It's the next best thing, sometimes better.
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history memes history clever smart Memes lol silly dumb funny - 14258181

Historical Memes For The Knowledge Seekers

Memes are like books, right?
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funny memes and jokes that are technically accurate and not wrong

Highly Literal Moments of Technical Accuracy

They're not exactly wrong.
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Absurd Dungeons and Dragons expoits

Stupid Items Dungeons and Dragons Players Exploited To Their Limits

The real weapon is creativity.
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funny technically accurate moments | PUSH means push. means pull. The Office Jim Halpert presentation | Gandalf movies: Gandalf Lotr actor books: Gandalf written text

Not-Incorrect Moments of Technical Accuracy

Yeah, that makes sense.
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funny, random and ridiculous tumblr gems

Funny Tumblr Gems To Paw At Like a Bawdy Victorian Tax Collector

The visual makes sense, sort of.
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Xavier clever comebacks

The Irreverant and Clever Hot Takes of Xavier

Formerly Pakalu Papito, sort of.
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funny tinder moments

Hilariously Bold Tinder Moments That Make The Game Worth It

It's a big world out there.
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funny Xavier comebacks and responses

The Hot Takes Of Xavier, The Lord Of Snappy Responses

Where are you, Pakalu Papito?
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funny tweets

Funny Tweets That Fell Straight Out Of The Twittersphere

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funny dad jokes

A Minivan-load of Dad-Tier Memes and Puns

Pile in everybody.
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funny memes about history

History Memes For Those Enlightened Aficionados Of Time Itself

It's time for history memes.
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funny tumblr posts

Random Tumblr Gems That Glint In The Moonlight

There's always something new to learn or complain about.
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