funny obvious plant products

Delightfully Stupid Obvious Plant Products To Doubletake At

Oh nice, goat internet?
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tumblr gems and tweets

Funny Tweets And Tumblr Gems To Bust Up The Monotony

Because why should we be forced to hear our own thoughts.
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technically accurate memes

Technically Accurate Moments That Are Basically Right

Yeah, okay sure.
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malicious compliance clever loophole solution - 16133637

Professor's Appointment Gets Cancelled When He Shows Up 5 Minutes Late, Devises Clever Loophole

Maybe just show up on time next time?
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mad lads and they're funny, absurd and bold shenanigans

Mad Lads Who Brought The Banter And Shenanigans

These lads are mad!
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11 text reddit images cousin karen refuses to let man shower | thumbnail grey background "A Posted by u/-DukeFishron- 6 hours ago 605 Cheapskate cousin refuses to let me take shower, no problem, l'Il use more water in the sink.Tonight I was going to take a navy shower when my cousin, I'll call her Karen. Blocked the entrance to the bathroom and said, you either you a washcloth under your arms or no getting in here."

Cheapskate Karen Tells Cousin He Can't Shower To Save Money, He Uses Sink Instead

Well that's one way of handling things
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comeback jokes witty comebacks clever lol clever comebacks funny - 16058373

Sassy Comebacks That Established Internet Dominance

The internet might be a place full of stupidity , hatred and ignorance, but god damn if people aren't excellent at snappy comebacks. Seriously, people aren't good at things like understanding science, basic math or reading but get them a dumb thing to respond to and they'll come with a clapback so hard that the recipient needs to sit down for a while and splash some water on their face.
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twitter observation hot takes clever lol dumb funny tweets funny - 16010501

Funny Tweets To Dissociate To In Times Of Crisis

Our lives are stressful enough as it is. Could we stand up for ourselves and face our problems head on? Yes, but maybe tomorrow. Here are people's stupid, clever, and absurd observations on everything from Build-a-Bear to beta fish. These hot takes are boiling lava hot, so handle them with care. For more, here are some other funny tweets to build character and cultivate strength.
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funny tumblr gems

Funny And Random Tumblr Gems Harpooned From The Deep

Wait, how do you harpoon gems?
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funny clever stupid dad jokes | Science fact is impossible man use stud finder without first scanning himself with and stating room found one | Once became parent finally understood scene where Yoda gets so tired answering Luke's questions he just dies.

Dad Jokes That Go Father Than Ever Before

They're extra dadly.
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funny star trek memes

Star Trek Memes To Help Us All Live, Laugh and Prosper

It's a good show.
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funny animals people photoshopped

Animals That Got The Photoshop Treatment

Alright, so that's great.
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funny memes that are technically correct

Technically Accurate Moments That Are Definitely Sort Of Right

Sure, okay.
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funny pun memes and dad jokes | rogeyroo: sashimi rolling, they hating person wearing a sushi costume riding a bicycle | reading book about anti gravity. Is any good can't put down Star Trek

Puns of Varying Quality and Clevertude

The puns roll on.
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employee realizes they were used in malicious compliance | My boss used MC five years ago and just figured out. oc M Edit: MC stands Malicious Compliance. This has nothing do with Minecraft. Story starts now: About five years ago office guy small lumber mill. My direct supervisor general manager, but owner also pretty hands on.

Employee Realizes They Were Used In Work Plot Years Later

Hindsight is something something.
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funny stupid dad jokes and puns | Mountains aren't just funny, they are hill areas hilarious photo of blue skies above rocky mountains

Dad Jokes for Everyone's Inner Father Figure

They're a way of life.
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