christmas malicious compliance teachers - 15933701

Angry Teachers Maliciously Comply When “Teaching Consultant” Tries to Force Them Into a Zoom Meeting During the Holidays

Someone is getting coal in their stocking this year.
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christmas serial killer movies tifu jack frost funny marriage wife husband couples - 16260357

Guy Accidentally Convinces Wife That "Jack Frost" is a Serial Killer... For 15 Years

Jack Frost nipping at your nose.
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12 reddit text images aita for turning away guests after they arrive with dogs | thumbnail blue background with text "AITA for turning away guests who flew in for Christmas because they didn’t tell me they’d be bringing a dog? I told him I didn’t think “whole family” implied he was flying the pets down with him and I was sorry but I couldn’t have them in the house."

Man Invites Friend's Family For Holidays, Turns Them Away When They Arrive With Two Dogs

Holiday szn is winding down but the drama keeps coming
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12 text based reddit images surrounding family argument over dogs and christmas | thumbnail blue background "AITA for not locking my dogs outside? Not the A-hole We have two dogs, both small and no higher than your knees. We love Christmas in my family (I prefer Halloween, myself, but still love Christmas) and I got them both Christmas jumpers. We always get them a little bag of treats and toys, too. I only mention this to show how loved they are. My nephew is nearly 9 and afraid of dogs."

Sister Invites Herself Over For Christmas, Requests That Host's Dogs Be Left Outside

Christmas debacles and dogs
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insane christmas entitlement teenagers parenting - 16039429

Psychotic Daughter Gifts Breast Cancer Survivor Step-Mother Horribly Cruel Christmas Present

She did WHAT?
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13 reddit text images "should I have invited husband's son to christmas" | thumbnail grey background "His son lives only 15 minutes away, and we see him from time-to-time. He's not a bad guy, just very different to my husband and I. Later that day, my husband texted him to ask him to ask if he had enjoyed the rest of Xmas, to which he replied "Oh right, that's what today was, thanks for the chocolate and 3 minute visit". My husband was very upset by this, but I was outraged."

Wicked Stepmother Refuses To Invite Step-Son For Christmas, Says He 'Doesn't Fit In'

Get off your high horse
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christmas in law relationships in laws mother in law family - 16038917

Daughter-In-Law Refuses to Spend Christmas With MIL's Foster Children Because "They Are Not Real Family", Gets Banned For Life

She probably deserved that.
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christmas drama relationships dating - 16038149

After-Christmas Drama Unfolds Between Couple Over Proper Timeline for Removal of the Tree

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prank christmas family funny - 16037893

Woman Escalates Hilarious Annual Prank War, Held With Her Dad as Holiday Tradition

This has to be the most diabolical thing ever.
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christmas gifts mother relationships entitled family - 16037381

Entitled Mother Refuses to Give Grandchild and Daughter-in-Law Gifts, Son Takes a Stand and Implodes Entire Family

This son is definitely better off without his mother.
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christmas FAIL funny - 16013061

Unfortunate Christmas Failures to Brighten Your Holidays

Look who's spreading Christmas cheer. Laughter and joy for all to hear.
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christmas hoa neighbors karen - 16002821

Insane Neighbor Karen Leaves Note That Festive Gargoyle Decoration is "Not Appropriate", Revenge Ensues

Karen the Christmas Grinch.
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friendship aita entitlement friends relationships entitled christmas - 15985413

Ridiculous Friend Says Her Love Language is “Receiving Gifts”, Gets Mad That Her Present Isn’t Expensive Enough

Sounds like her love language is being a spoiled brat.
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dirty Christmas fails

Christmas Failures That Were Unintentionally Naughty

Ho ho ho.
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Santa Clause with goths and metalheads

Goths And Metalheads Who Took Photos With Santa

'Tis the season!
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13 text based reddit images | thumbnail "aita for wishing my husband would get me a christmas gift, He says I am materialistic for wanting a gift (even though he asked for several things which I already bought) and that Christmas should be about time with family instead of material things so I do feel guilty and like maybe I am wrong but I'm not sure."

Freeloader Husband Refuses To Buy Christmas Gift For Wife, Confesses He Only Married Her For Her Money

Sighs, marriage eh?
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