choosing beggar

A collection of entitled and choosing beggars | Replying Wendys and @McDonalds take lifetime supply spicy nuggs 2722 1,525 Wendy's O @Wendys 1d keep buying spicy nuggs rest life Q 34 27211 10.8K

Choosy Beggars And Other Greedy Creatures

Some people are insane.
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Stranger threatens guy over price of service | could include limited meal plan 20 option (1 day eating) if like? Apart price is firm. Listen pal asking kindly lower price know people city don't think they'd appreciate busting my balls over here oh no

Absurd Stranger Gets All Tough Over 20 Dollars

Ah yes, the forbidden haggling technique: threats.
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A million dollar amusement park expects free work | Lagoon Amusement Park is at Lagoon Amusement Park. 1h· Farmington, Utah O Logson Create Lagoon Mask! Lagoon wants submit fantastic artwork our very first #maskcontest winner's mask will be locally produced and sold on park next month mask template with dimensions, please click on link below and send family-friendly artwork no later than July 15th!

Million Dollar Amusement Park Wants Free Work

Exposure is not compensation.
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Ridiculous entitled people and their absurd demands | Hello saw ad foe ps4. 00:48 wonderful currently selling 150 dollars. 00:49 feel like 's bit high, can go down around 50 dollars don't have much money. 00:50 No, sorry. Im pretty firm on my price can't go low, im really sorry. 00:51 Fuck 00:51 Im sorry can go down 130, is fine? 00:51 only went down 20 dollars? Seriously? Im having rough time. 50 dollars. 00:53 Oh, shut fuck up. If having rough don't go looking gaming console. Piss off will if

Entitled People and Their Preposterous Demands

That's some quality nerve.
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Freeloader friend expects guy to let him use his car, and rages when he gets rejected | Hey bro, is cool if still borrow whip tonight? Yeah man just bring back by 10 time swinging thru 6 Aight homie. See then Today 4:06 PM going give whip back tomorrow morning instead.

Entitled Friend Wants To Use Guy's Car To Get Laid

Someone has a weird conception of friendship.
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A slipper choosing beggar won't take no for an answer | yo fr though, u mind letting having awhile? ill take good care though thats asking alot dude dont know if anyone would do friend but would do makes real g

Choosy Beggar Refuses To Comprehend Rejection

Gets rejected, and continues to be a bother.
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An irrational choosing beggar gets shut down, gets angry, and then gets shut down again | Hey blankets are amazing do do commissions? Today 12:12 PM Hello? Hi! Sorry been out town with my fiance. Haven't been on Instagram much

Choosing Beggar Rages After Rejection, Gets Shut Down Again

Some folks can't be reasoned with.
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A choosing beggar tries to get a gaming computer by pulling the divorce card | Hey! So saw were selling Gaming Computer 950 Is possible make price lower? Thanks Im sorry but cant make price lower bought PC 1550€ 2,5 years ago and works fine so 950€ is really good price 1550 Euros Computer Is this joke

Choosing Beggar Tries To Pull The Divorce Card

Pretty transparent.
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Guy selling car parts crosses paths with a clueless choosing beggar | 8 hrs Customer Do price match Yes with written quote another Canadian vendor or screen shot exact item on their web page. Customer Sends screen shot an American Vendor with goods priced American dollars Customer know they are an American company and 's listed American dollars can't sell price Canadian dollars understand exchange rates and they work, right? Customer- Well then just are not HUNGRY ENOUGH yet are still PANDEMIC a

Man Sells Car Parts, Choosing Beggar Guilt Trips, Gets Rejected

Absolutely clueless.
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Guy offers free chairs, and choosing beggar somehow gets mad | Free Office Charis FREE Request Rating Mark as Sold Alex Free Office Charis Joined Facebook 2016 ADD PEOPLE See Latest Updates Alex Is this still available? Yes Autb7one ALto Pat Ace Mart Restaurantuprly Dr Alex

Man Offers Free Chairs, Choosing Beggar Gets Mad Somehow

Seriously, can't understand this rage.
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Man haggles over a dresser and brings bananas into the mix. | 9:49 1 l LTE Kevin Benefield Marketplace Sold Dresser w/mirror and Change Rating 359 views Is this available? 8:19 PM Yes Kevin Would take 100$ cash No.

Man Haggles Over Dresser, Throws Bananas In The Mix

When in doubt bring the bananas.
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A clueless choosing beggar demands artwork for free | iMessage Today 8:49 PM Yo wahts up brother ya been? hey, really sorry, who's this?

Choosing Beggar Demands Art For Free, Thinks Insults Will Work

No reasoning with this behavior.
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A photographer won't work for free, so the band wants to fight them | Hi bro are hardcore band saw band piks did loved them Can take some us Thanks es and hey, thank sure is after? let know budget and type shots want and can figure something out Are budget Were not paying u can jus do on fone want full band piks City were not paying u!

Photographer Won't Work For Free, Gnarly Band Wants To Fight

Whoa, so hardcore.
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Seller completely destroys choosing beggars ability to negotiate | Outdoor Electric Grill Outdoor Electric Grill 100 Rate Buyer Mark as Sold Is this still available? Would take $60? waiting response.

Seller Shatters Choosing Beggar's Common Sense Completely

Beautiful work.
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An entitled influencer expects free clothing, and gets properly shut down | Wait so since already have Saree then is costing more money not paying do missing my point spent money get Saree so then can sell make money. If just give then not going make money on Saree. Do understand?

Entitled Influencer Expects Free Clothing

Reality checks are free of charge.
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A rude choosing beggar wants a laptop for cheap, and gets called out | this is Hey got number Aleisha. She mentioned are selling laptop. Info plz! Hey man its Toshiba satellite p55wb. Bought 2015. Just got gifted new one so no use now. Top condition 200 throw sleeve purchased As well as mouse and mousepad. Ahh daamn lucky Any chance can keep freebies and just let have laptop less?

Rude Choosing Beggar Wants Laptop For Cheap, Gets Called Out

Clueless as they come.
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