At Least They Don't Charge Extra for This Like They Do for Guacamole

no thanks Chipotle
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I Have a Fever, and the Only Cure is MORE GUAC

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Wrap a Burro? What?

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Chipotle Had a Little "Incident" On Twitter This Weekend

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Chipotle is Running Out of Pork, so of Course Some Idiots Think It's About Islam

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Who Could Say No to You?

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There Isn't a Burrito Large Enough to Quell the Sadness in This Situation

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Chipotle Gets Them All Hot and Bothered

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These Are the Loves That Last a Lifetime

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The President Commits a Serious Chipotle Faux Pas

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We've Got Another One, Guys...

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Get Ready to Give Birth to a Food Baby

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Chipotle Doesn't Play Around

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A Chipotle Customer is Very Upset About Very Fake Coupon

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For Free Burritos, Anything is Worth it

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What do Whatsapp and Your Burrito Have in Common?

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