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Slightly Disgusting Video of the Day: Guy Eats Four Chipotle Burritos and a Diet Coke in Three Minutes

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He Stays Warmer This Way

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Meanwhile, At Chipotle World Headquarters

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Created by wisetara ( Via Twitpic )

Battle of the Bowels

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Chipotle Faked Its Own Twitter Hack on July 21st

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The Sovereign Republic of Chipotle

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Will You Be Open on June 1rd Too?

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If Chipotle is So Good Then Why Don't You... Oh... Okay...

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Hours, I Tell You!

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Created by musicalkren

Based on the Novel "Push" by Sapphire

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Safety First

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Created by peachpunkster

It's Basically the Real Thing

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Because We Really Care!

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Taco Bell Approves

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Battle Royale, Now With Extra Cheese

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Monday Thru Friday: The New Ad Campaign May Be TOO Honest

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