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DoorDash Employee Loses His Job After a Customer Claims She Didn’t Receive Her Chipotle

Hope that $10 burrito was worth it…
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Woman Catches Little Boy Stealing Her Queso at Chipotle in Viral Video, the Internet Is in Disbelief

He really said, “Mine”
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TikToker Reveals Most Annoying Things To Make At Chipotle

Guac is literally so extra.
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A newly engaged couple asks the people of Reddit whether or not it's inappropriate to serve Chipotle at the wedding | WIBTA serving Chipotle at my wedding? No -holes here getting maried April, and my fiance and started planning our wedding were shocked by expensive all different components were, especially catering live high cost living area, and cheapest catering quotes were able get were still well over $100 per person inviting 75 people and thought spending $8,000 or more on food is pretty

Engaged Couple Wants To Serve Chipotle At The Wedding

Would Chipotle for everyone really be the end of the world.
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Chipotle educates a vegetarian who thinks that chorizo isn't meat, on Twitter | been vegetarian since age 12 just had chorizo and 's so good! Texture and flavor is exactly like real meat! ChipotleTweets Do mean Sofritas? Chorizo is meat Becky

Chipotle Educates Vegetarian On Twitter

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Chipotle gets bombarded by tons of clueless questions on Twitter | Thomas Hoefener @T_Heffff Thank ChipotleTweets leaf my burrito. Yum | Tess Remy-Detty @remytess15 @ChipotleTweets seriously why is there leaf my bowl? OTLE | Riley Gruenbaum @Riley_Gruenbaum hey chipotle is this lettuce or just leaf found outside RE

Chipotle Fields A Storm Of Clueless Customers On Twitter

Some people are more lost than others.
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complaint about bay leaf in burrito

Customer Complains To Chipotle About Bay Leaves Being In His Food

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Chipotle Teaches Vegetarian Girl That Chorizo Is Meat On Twitter

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Clueless Vegetarian Chick Learns From Chipotle On Twitter That Chorizo Is A Meat

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Kids or Chipotle... What Will It Be?

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Chipotle Undercooked His Chicken, so He Took Off With Their Tea

guy stole tea from chipotle over undercooked chicken
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A Man's Phone Was Swarmed by People Texting Chipotle, at Least He Got a Free Burrito

burritos chipotle texts A Man's Phone Was Swarmed by People Texting Chipotle, at Least He Got a Free Burrito
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Chipotle Still Doesn't Have That E. Coli Thing Figured Out, and These Trolls are Taking Full Advantage

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Reviews of the Day: While Chipotle is Concerned With E. Coli Outbreaks Yelpers Are Concerned With the Apparently Bland, Overpriced Food

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Outrage of The Day: A Mom is Super Upset About The Sex Message on Her Kid's Chipotle Cup

Outrage of The Day: A Mom is Super Upset About The Sex Message on Her Kid's Chipotle Cup
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Life Hack: Six Ways to Maximize the Size of Your Chipotle Burrito Without Paying Extra

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