These Chinese memes and gifs are Tso funny! With enough stereotypes to build a railroad, Chinese brings to mind everything from take-out, to Chairman Mao, and maybe even bat eating. If your looking for the place to help you to become proficient in 8000 Mandarin characters, try a school.

School of Fail: "Chinese" Is Where Things Get Real Strange

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Remember Kids, Safety Last

China chinese construction - 5968442880
adele chinese cover rolling in the deep Video - 35426049

Rolling in the Deep Level: Asian

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Autocowrecks: Steve Jobs Resurfaces in China

asian AutocoWrecks China chinese g rated steve jobs - 5887884288

School of Fail: Method Acting

chinese g rated Hall of Fame homework School of FAIL worksheet - 5786095616

Engrish Funny: This is all you need to know apparently

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That's Waisis, Yelp

chinese engrish racist - 5704525568
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Engrish Funny: The more you know...

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I don't even....

apple chinese Featured Fail nerd - 5421263872

In the Chinese Mafia, You Have No Friends

China chinese emoticons eyes racist - 5331590912

Thanks Dad, You're So Racially Sensitive

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Calligraphy Bike WIN

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Learn How to Read Chinese in 10 Seconds

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Facebook REALLY Doesn't Want You to Leave

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CLASSIC: Restaurant Name FAIL

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Chinese Restaurant FAIL

animals Cats chinese failboat restaurant signs stereotypes - 4773730816
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