These Chinese memes and gifs are Tso funny! With enough stereotypes to build a railroad, Chinese brings to mind everything from take-out, to Chairman Mao, and maybe even bat eating. If your looking for the place to help you to become proficient in 8000 Mandarin characters, try a school.

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Chain Smoking Chinese Man Runs an Impressive 3:28 Marathon While Crushing a Pack of Cigarettes (November 15, 2022)

This man is sponsored by Big Tobacco
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funny story about wrong numbers for chinese restaurant

Idiot Insists Guy’s House is a Chinese Restaurant, Gets Served Justice

What is there to expect.
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Conversation with mom about tattoo that says "i don't know" | kick ass My new tattoo did get Today Why isn't covered They need breath. Only cover first couple hours Oh Make sure keep clean Its nice Thanks lady W did mean don't know Really Yeah Why didn't ask meant don't know kidding right No

Person Explains "I do not know" Tattoo to Mom

It's a bit of a "who's on first."
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Guy misunderstands mom, thinks his family's in turmoil, learns otherwise | r/tifu u/throwawaysumtingwong TIFU by sucking Chinese M This happened pre-pandemic. So l'm (31M) 100% pure Chinese but really bad at They taught at school, but really shitty, like were learning kindergarten level Chinese High School speak (very poor) Mandarin and Hokkien this conversation, my mom speaking Hokkien and broken, mixed with English Hokkien. Anyway having breakfast with my mom she told Mom Chinese

Man's Translation Fail Results In Hilarious Misunderstanding

Languages are hard.
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Twitter thread breaks down a brief history of Chinese American food | XIRAN, Chinese History Educational XiranJayZhao gonna talk lil about Chinese American food bc 's honestly so fierce bunch amateur cooks working with unfamiliar ingredients managed create cuisine style captivated America even under intense discrimination (1 Chinese restaurant interior, 1890s. Photo: Bancroft Library, BANC-PIC-1985.084-107--ALB 7:33 PM 17 Jul 20 Twitter Web App

Twitter Thread: Brief History Of Chinese American Food

Yay, new knowledge.
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Rude Chinese customer doesn't realize that the cashier speaks Mandarin Chinese as well | They didn't know speak Chinese too So white Caucasian female, but am fluent Mandarin Chinese and English. Now, looking at wouldn't know can speak Mandarin, which is why find absolutely hysterical mess with people they come through my line speaking Chinese, and understand every word their saying. My co workers find especially hysterical. Okay, so other day this Chinese couple came through my line, and asked t

Rude Chinese Customer Doesn't Know Cashier Speaks Mandarin Chinese

Everyone just play nice.
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Mistranslations and tattoo fails people saw.

Dumb Mistranslated Tattoos and Shirts that People Witnessed

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quit your bullshit FAIL cringe ridiculous funny chinese - 98786305

Chinese Vlogger Exposed As 58-Year-Old Woman When Her Beauty Filter Turns Off In Middle Of Stream

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chinese customer speaks rudely to woman who turns out to speak chinese

Rude Chinese Customer Doesn't Know White Cashier Speaks Mandarin Chinese

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dancing school China ridiculous Video chinese - 506630

Chinese Principle Teaches Students Mesmerizing Shuffle Dance During Break

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revenge retail worker

Bilingual Retail Worker Delivers Righteous Revenge To Rude Customer

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customer service cringe foreign language ignorant rude culture chinese - 7171333

Ignorant, Blatantly Rude Chinese Customer Doesn't Know Cashier Speaks Mandarin Chinese

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China tv shows TV dating chinese - 4955653

This Chinese Dating Show is A Little Too Honest

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entertainment japanese reality tv chinese - 4951301

10 Times Crazy Chinese Dating Shows Put American Reality TV Shows To Shame

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boss work parody Video win chinese - 82466305

Ever Wanted to Know the Obviously Hilarious Differences Between Chinese and Western Bosses?

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Because Translating Stuff Is Hard

because translating stuff is hard
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