These Chinese memes and gifs are Tso funny! With enough stereotypes to build a railroad, Chinese brings to mind everything from take-out, to Chairman Mao, and maybe even bat eating. If your looking for the place to help you to become proficient in 8000 Mandarin characters, try a school.


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We're Getting Some Mixed Signals Here

so do they deliver or not
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failbook g rated China english wisconsin chinese - 7423775744
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This Dance Requires Five People for Each Letter

The Village People ymca chinese Music FAILS g rated - 7384184576

It's What's for Dinner

Babies baby China chinese food chinese - 6848048384
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How Do You Say "Mordor" in Mandarin?

mordor Lord of the Rings China gandalf chinese - 6748228864

School of Fail: Just Following Instructions

chinese homework test humor - 6574640384

Colin Always Was a Little Too Fond of Panda Express

chinese family tumblr - 6507996928

Engrish Funny: I've Got a Better Idea...

China chinese engrish funny Hall of Fame - 6475157760
baby Bieber chinese cover justin bieber Video - 40040705

A Chinese Man Covers Justin Bieber While Sitting on Top of a Cow

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Not Chinese Enough

asia asian China chinese food Japan japanese race soup - 6458907392
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Sure, "Autocorrect."

auto correct autocorrect China chinese fap nap - 6376180224
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FAIL Nation: Probably Bad News: Do Makeup and Push-Up Bras Count as "False Pretenses" Too?

chinese fail nation g rated Hall of Fame - 6311006976
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Engrish Funny: Umm, China?

China chinese movie poster movies - 6280092160
British China chinese england engrish funny Mexican mexico redneck russia russian Video YT video - 37922817

Engrish Funny: Accentuate the Accents

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The Chinese Definitely Skew This One

books chinese literature - 6192237824

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