Clear scams that Americans have been conditioned to accept as normal. | imnotyourbrahh 1d Charging $1 add cheese Reply 1.4k

Obvious Scams Americans Have Been Conditioned To Accept

Don't fall prey to these.
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Producer who asks for dancers for no pay gig gets taken down for his BS | Text - 5:03 9 137 Exposed > Неу Hi Sup You can skip the small talk lol I'm looking for some background dancers for a music video at a well known artists house make or female/ F and with exotic looks. Do you know anyone who'd be interested Maybe, when's the gig and what's the payout? Tuesday no payout per say buts it's a one of a kind opportunity will get a lot of exposure and credited What do you mean by exposure like free

Lying Producer Gets Verbal Take-Down for Offering Gig With No Pay

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Man's fiancée's parents accuse him of buying a cheap engagement ring. | AITA not buying 10% engagement ring? Not hole My partner and have been talking about getting engaged last year or so have quite good job so could easily afford an expensive engagement ring and if following 10% rule then should spend around 10-15k on ring. However, my parents, sister and nephew have all had covid this year so financially supporting all them while, my sister has lost her job so l'm still supporting her bit

Man's Fiancée's Parents Accuse Him Of Buying Cheap Ring

That's just plain old nasty.
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entitled neighbor won't pay 15 dollars for internet | Yep times are hard understand, hence needing 10:16 PM 15. M Yeah well didn't use much but get paid if have after take my dog back cuz my dogs little bit more important than internet didn't use don't know why got do this yet but is is get 15 can deleted password 9 View all 10:37 PM know don't understand s guess never will guess need start writing

Entitled Neighbor Throws Tantrum Over 15 Dollars

Stress shouldn't be worth 15 bucks.
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entitled people with ridiculous demands | Share Housing Rooms Rent Hi everyone want buy house. There are 33000 people this group worked out if every person this group sends 15 will reach my goal 500000 15 each isn't much but all adds up. If donate will let come over and look at house once l've bought also thinking cooking some snags on BBQ my future back yard those who donate BYO alcohol If would like send more than $15 s okay. Please PM and will send my bank details. No tyre kickers please

Entitled People and Their Incredible Demands

Wonder if they made their goal?
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A delusional "good friend" expects a pair of free custom sneakers. | iMessage Today 13:17 Hey girl miss wanted ask if could paint some air forces with butterflies on them really like work and wanted know if could do them Lmk hey, been while!

"Good Friend" Expects Free Custom Sneakers

Yeah, great friend by the sound of it.
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Man yells at his wife for being too cheap to get him a $2 coffee. | r/AmltheAsshole Join u/Eggnoglattethrowaway 1d S 2 8 4 AITA yelling at my wife over $2 Not hole My wife (38F) and 33M) have been married 8 years have one child together (5M Some background might be relevant work full time. She works about 15 hours week. Our finances have always been separate. However pay all bills and all our "fun stuff as well as give her an allowance 1000 per month fact, she currently has almost three times

Man Yells At Wife For Not Getting Him $2 Coffee

Quite the pickle.
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entitled people and their stupid demands | hey know its last minute but would be able make wedding cake by noon on Sunday can possibly fit something by Sunday but its going depend on interested getting Something like this but not big only expecting 300 people. Lol o wowww sorry 's gonna be impossible fit on such short notice. Ok l understand. Are sure? On TV they complete bigger cakes than this short time. Are beginner? Have good night |

Entitled Folks and Their Audacious Demands

"Make me a TV cake right now."
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A choosing beggar expects free art, and then the artist gives them crappy drawing | Hey like youre art Today at 13:34 oh, thanks dude! really appreciate c: Today at 13:34 Do draw people? Commissions Today at 13:35 uh am really fed up with work do lately so havent been doing them really, but if its something easy might have few free hours later today (edited) Today at 13:39 Can draw kirito SAO epic pose want my profile another page Today at 13:58 Hello?

Choosing Beggar Expects Free Art, Artist Claps Back

At least the reality check was free.
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Entitled Karen wants musician to lower rates, gets rejected, makes threats | Well want authentic ukulele music reception, so probably few hours. Two at very least. Is too much s also gonna be big reception holding at wedding place and looking at around 200 guests minimum

Entitled Karen Wants Lower Rate From Musician, Gets Rejected, Pitches Fit

She had the nerve to make threats.
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Guy makes one offer, then a cheaper one, then an even cheaper offer | So not have right now money much now 170$ Nah man s too low Do please

Guy Offers $350 One Night, Shows Up Offering Less, Then Offers Even Less

Dude, what are you doing.
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A confused choosing beggar doesn't understand how hourly pay works | 7:08 PM Qi 60% Home (1) Hi heard did advertising designs, would be able design poster advertising nightclub? Sure can do usually charge €25 an hour and would probably take 2-3 hours make, is ok can now call each other and see information such as Active Status and read messages.

Confused Choosing Beggar Doesn't Understand Hourly Pay

Hopefully this choosing beggar was faking it.
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A musician expects a drummer to play for free, and then the drummer sets them straight | Hey bro, saw play at with gig are amazing bro! 18:23 Hey appreciate man. Glad had good time!

Choosing Beggar Expects Drummer To Play For Free, Drummer Sets Them Straight

Guy must be a delight to play music with.
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A "big" YouTuber expects free commissions, gets rejected, and then unleashes threats | Hi friend recommended and l'd like commission two portraits my dog and cat. Please let know if are still accepting commissions Christmas? Sun, Nov 15, 7:21 AM Hi there! Yes am do have mind?

YouTuber Demands Free Commissions, Gets Rejected, Makes Threats

Um, yes, the credentials are being questioned.
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A choosing beggar's nanny requirements are pure insanity | Nanny. Must be responsible wide range domestic duties. Most time schedule will be Monday-Friday 11 am 7pm. However, full days are required during summer 9 am 6 pm. Also need full days if kids are on holiday breaks OR home school sick need someone who can be flexible with work schedule due our jobs require us travel occasionally nanny will be assisting mom with two kids, who are 8 and 13. Driving is big part this position. Candidate must

Choosing Beggar's Nanny Requirements Are Insanity

Straight up delusional.
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An owner responds to a ridiculous review of his auto shop | Local Guide Be Aware recently changed starter here. They told 780 first, as student couldn't afford s 1/5 value my car. They brought down 700 with an $30 oil change value which initially appreciated as borrowed some money my friend and couldn't come up with more thought good deal as they "helped made some phone calls after agreed change and guess quoted $580 at express oil change just across street

Owner Responds To Ridiculous Review Of Auto Shop

The good heartedness of this mechanic is too much.
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